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Beekeeper – Slaves To The Nothing (Reissue)

Slaves To The Nothing (Reissue)
by Neil Cook at 05 April 2021, 6:27 PM

BEEKEEPER are from San Diego, formed in 2010, this is technically the 2nd time round for their debut album “Slaves To The Nothing”  rereleased to be released on the current trend of the older listening medium, vinyl and even cassette, and the shiny discs too.  The album was originally out in 2017.  Stylistically BEEKEEPER are as Thrash as they get.  Their music has a very chaotic style relying on speed and mayhem over structure in the main.  The two key features being the intense and sledge hammer like drumming and Ally Levine’s distinctive “vocals” which range from ear-splitting highs to guttural lows.

Opening track “Vargas” showcases Ally’s vocal range nicely, and is, by the standards on show a fairly restrained number, and is a very good example of the genre.  “Fictitious” is a bit looser in structure and the vocals for me do not work on this one.  However “Subservient Submission” is much better.  It bounces along at the start before running into deep sludge to slow it down.  But it is the manic brilliance of the vocal delivery that makes this a crazy decent into madness! The way the song crashes headlong into the next one “Vageta”, without stopping is cool.  The song itself when it gets going is a pressure wave of sound, and again the vocals are hysterical and OTT, the song itself relying on a repetitive refrain.

Don’t blink or you will miss “Kamel Krusher” sounds like SLAYER on a mixture of Helium and speed.  Total throw-away song, but sweary fun.  “Satan” is perhaps a little too repetitive and the vocals delivered in a slightly strained higher register, which I am not a fan of.  “Picket Fence Death Night” and “Instant Death” suffer in the same vein.  Yes it is delivered at breakneck pace, but too be honest I think listener fatigue is starting to set in, it becomes a bit Samey after the midpoint of the album there isn’t so much variation any more as in the first few songs, the vocals seem to rely on the highest register, and the drum sound starts to grate, too much chaos.  “Trials Of The Shredder” starts off well, slowing things down, and has some decent moments, but again the vocals loose it in places.

It is a pity, there is promise in there.  As things stand there is a little too much reliance on speed and a loose structure and the songwriting suffers because of it.  More changes in pace and in tone would have made for a more interesting package.  It is fair to say Ally’s vocals are an acquired taste.  There is too much reliance on the scream at though top of her lungs approach for me, as illustrated by when she does use all of her impressive range, the songs work best.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6


3 Star Rating

1. Vargas
2. Fictitious
3. Subservient Submission
4. Vageta
5. Kamel Krusher
6. Satan
7. Picket Fence Death Night
8. Instant Death
9. Trials Of the Shredder
Ally Levine – Guitars, Vocals
Adam “Wally” Wollach – Bass
Dylan Marks -  Drums
Record Label: Metal Assault Records


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Edited 28 May 2023

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