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Beelzefuzz - Beelzefuzz Award winner

by Lex Mishukhin at 23 September 2013, 5:20 PM

American Metal has been a strange beast in recent years, with some bands being totally unlistenable while others providing some pure genius, rarely is there a middle ground between the two, so it's with that knowledge that a clicked play on Maryland's own BEELZEFUZZ's self-titled debut.

The band certainly seems interesting from the get go, the opening track "Reborn" seems to channel some good old fashioned Hard Rock. "Lotus Jam" is much the same with a heavy bass opening with the great guitar sounds. While the band is a trio, their sound certainly doesn't seem missing anything, as a matter of fact BEELZEFUZZ at times remind me of a non-occult version of Sweden’s GHOST. The band also seem to mix a level of Doom Metal into their sound, just give a listen to "All The Feeling Returns" which leaves a bit of a SABBATH taste in your mouth with a slow and heavy riff, the vocals are more Gillan then Osbourne, but the feel is there. The whole sound of the album seems to be right out of the 70s, "Siren's Song" is the perfect example, just listen to the drums on the song, it may even seem odd to someone who's used to more modern production values, but for those of us who grew up on SABBATH, PURPLE, RAINBOW and even early MAIDEN and METALLICA the production will seem right out of our childhood.

BEELZEFUZZ have managed to capture something rare, it may not be very original, and frankly, we've all heard such albums before, but those albums were made 30 and more years ago, for 2013 this is unusual, and unusual in the best possible way. It's a very rare occurrence that a band manages to capture a sound and feel of a certain era, and this is what they BEELZEFUZZ have done here, with fantastic musicianship, great writing and a lot of passion the band have written a fantastic album which manages to take the listener on a journey beyond the usual Metal into something older, something more basic, something more pure.

4 Star Rating

1. Reborn
2. Lotus Jam
3. All the Feeling Returns
4. Sirens Song
5. Hypnotized
6. Lonely Creatures
7. Lunar Blanco
8. Light That Blinds
Pug Kirby - Bass
Dana Ortt - Guitars/Vocals
Darin McCloskey – Drums
Record Label: The Church Within Records


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