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Beelzefuzz – The Righteous Bloom

The Righteous Bloom
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 07 November 2016, 7:07 PM

Doom Metal is an acquired taste, you generally either like it or you don’t. There are very few cases where you cannot be into Doom Metal but still be into a Doom Metal band, like THE SWORD as they use to just sound like a BLACK SABBATH rip off and GHOST (shut up, listen to the first album, they were Doom). So here we are with the new album from BEELZEFUZZ and while I like Doom Metal, I’m very picky about the bands I like as some come off boring, so let’s see what there is to say about “The Righteous Bloom”.

Starting off, I’ve listened to this album through numerous times and bought it so I could listen to it places where there’s nothing else to focus on. The album has very good reviews from fans on Bandcamp, though they may be biased as they’re generally fans of the bands from past releases. I’ve listened to this album, let’s say five or six times and so far I still haven’t found anything to grasp onto, from beginning to end the album doesn’t drawn my attention to any one thing and always just becomes noise as it place and eventually ends. The thing about this album is it lacks anything unique, everything blends together sounding monotone and boring, there’s no emotion in the music itself to make your mind work and keep it focused and there’s not much of a story in the lyrics.

Best I can say for BEELZEFUZZ is hopefully for your next album you can find the soul that was missing from this one, find something to keep a listener hooked, don’t let your music become white noise. If you’re passionate about this band, you’ll look to make your follow up a more powerful version of “The Righteous Bloom”. I listened to past release, I know what you’re capable of and this isn’t it.

Songwriting 1/10
Originality 1/10
Memorability 1/10
Production 6/10

0 Star Rating

1. Nazriff
2. The Soulless
3. Hardluck Medley
4. Rat Poison Parait
5. Eternal Waltz
6. Within Trance
7. Nebulous
8. The Righteous Bloom
9. Sanctum & Solace
10. Dying on the Vine
11. Peace Mind
Dana Ortt – Guitars, Vocals
Greg Diener – Guitars, Vocals
Bert Hall – Bass
Daris McCloskey - Drums
Record Label: Abstract Distribution


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