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Before Eden - A Realm Reborn

Before Eden
A Realm Reborn
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 10 May 2015, 2:45 PM

Blasting out of the starting gates like a rocket-propelled DRAGONFORCE, the opening track of Brazilian four piece BEFORE EDEN’s third album is a highly infectious slice of Power Metal. Boasting a massive chorus and some gloriously, over the top, riffage, it’s a hugely enjoyable introduction and a high energy, headbanging delight. The only problem is it sets the bar too high. Over the course of the next forty minutes, BEFORE EDEN cram enough turbo-charged anthems to guarantee them a slot at the next POWER PROG AND METAL FEST, but there’s a few poor choices that let the side down.

That’s not to say they don’t come close to making a classic. “Outbreak (The Dash Call)” packs another mighty sing-a-long at its heart, while “Blood And Honor” is Power Metal at its macho best. This is music that poses with swords while wearing nothing but loincloths and gallons of baby oil without any semblance of irony and it’s played by a very talented group of musicians who truly believe in their craft.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems that prevent “A Realm Reborn” getting a higher mark. They’re too fond of instrumentals for one thing; three is way too many, especially when “War Of The Titans” goes on for over seven minutes. The proggier part of their fan base may dig it, but otherwise, it’s a momentum killer. The central melody to “Beautiful Lie” meanwhile is dangerously similar to “Fade To Black”, so much so that it’s difficult to listen to it without envisioning Lars Ulrich’s lawyer having a hissy fit. Then there’s “The Epic Poem Of The Splendor”, which takes things too far. This one is so nerdy it’s practically the musical equivalent of turning up to a LARP event but not getting involved in any fighting, spending all day playing a lute and not once breaking character.

Thankfully though, when BEFORE EDEN are on form they’re loads of fun. “Broken Wings” is a terrific semi-ballad, while “I, The Enemy In Me” is a big booming triumph. It’s louder than Brian Blessed singing QUEEN and has a brilliantly manic guitar versus keyboard face-off in the middle. If the whole album were like this, they’d have a beast on their hands, so it’s a real shame they don’t keep the momentum going all the way through. For a good sixty percent of the run time however, “A Realm Reborn” is terrific.

3 Star Rating

1. A Realm Reborn
2. Outbreak (The Dash Call)
3. Broken Wings
4. Wind Of Nations
5. Blood And Honor
6. Beautiful Lie
7. Rise Of The Immortals
8. War Of The Titans
9. I, The Enemy In Me
10. The Epic Poem Of The Splendor
Jason Peixer - Vocals
Alessandro Kotlinsky - Guitars, Vocals
Juliano Scharf - Keyboards, Vocals
Carlos Lana - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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