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Before The Fall - From Mutism To Riddance (CD)

Before The Fall
From Mutism To Riddance
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 13 March 2008, 12:37 PM

The album's cover, the band's name and the whole atmosphere was too Hardcore and I was willing to review this album, since this modern sound is something that spends a lot of time torturing my speakers. The scene is full of Hardcore and Hardcore bands, but some of them have this distinctive approach that makes them special. Read below to discover where do BEFORE THE FALL belong to.

The Austrian metallers were formed in 2005 and this is only their debut release. The band signed a contract with Twilight Zone Records and presents this album, a release full of good and passionate music to bang your head to. These guys managed to earn my attention with a classic yet great cover artwork and I immediately placed the album into my CD player to see what this band can do in 33 minutes.

From Mutism To Riddance is an album full of brutal Hardcore compositions, that have been enriched with the necessary in today's Metal scene Metalcore melodic breaks and some Deathcore touches that sometimes make them get really close to the sound of brutal Hardcore bands like HATEBREED, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, as well as THROWDOWN (mostly in their Haymaker era). Mike's vocals are the classic brutal Hardcore vocals you will expect in such a release, the guitar work is really good adding quite some heaviness to an already heavy band, and the rhythm section is definitely something that will blow your brains to the wall with its accuracy and solid performance.

While listening to From Mutism To Riddance you will definitely find yourself headbanging along the band's music and you will realize that the band has done a great job offering some catchy riffing that sticks into your head and makes you sing along. Hardcore, Deathcore, Metalcore and generally Core fans will find this piece of work to be interesting enough to make them spend some money to add it to their album collection.


3 Star Rating

From Mutism To Riddance
Taste The Pain
Some Bleeding More
Haunted Minds
Walk Through Death
Brute As Redemption
This Blood For Freedom
The Remedy
Mike - Vocals, Guitar
Rude - Guitar
Bane - Guitar
Hannes - Bass
Philip - Drums
Record Label: Twilight Zone


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