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Beheaded - Beast Incarnate Award winner

Beast Incarnate
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 21 March 2017, 10:04 PM

Wow! After 5 years, the Fgura, Malta-based Brutal Death Metal act BEHEADED have returned with a brand new record! The name is “Beast Incarnate”, and holy hell…the 5 years of waiting have absolutely paid off.

The album starts off with the title track, “Beast Incarnate”, which even has a music video on Youtube, and this track already showcases the album’s true power. It’s a bit slow at the very beginning, but it later speeds up to a normal, medium tempo. The vocals are brutal (completely characteristic for the band) and remind you a bit of their early work; especially the 2012 release called “Never to Dawn”, which also received praised from band’s fans, and there is no doubt that the latest one is a success too.

Backed by their trusty Unique Leader Records BEHEADED have successfully released their 5th full-length studio album. Although the band has been in existence since 1991, I’m not surprised that they don’t have a lot more material; and from my point of view, they shouldn’t. Quality over quantity anytime; plus, I’m leaning towards the fact that this band needs some time to record a new album (a bit more than other bands) but the final outcome is usually extremely nasty and brutal!

The first track certainly proves so. Off to the second one and this one has a catchy name “The Horror Breathes”; and I clearly remember the band saying this plenty of times on their official Facebook profile, before the album’s initial release. The track leans slightly more towards the instrumental parts, but it’s still brutal as fuck. The drums done by Davide Billia are furious and absolutely on point alongside the vocals and the riffs. It’s a solid track.

Crossing the House of Knives” is a bit different, since it instantly reminded me of their previous work. The vocals are much deeper and I got the feeling that the band recorded this one a bit later (after the first two), since it’s more powerful, well-mixed, dark, but still catchy. The vocals are various, shifting from one style to other, including some modern Brutal Death (the style this band is know for), and some classic, greasy, old school Death Metal.

Being that this band is now more than 2 decades old, they somehow crafted an original and brutal-sounding, punishing Death Metal force with their sound, which is both new and old, including various influences. I got a feeling that the album was solemnly based on lyrical themes that include emperors and wars back in the Middle Ages. “Reign of the Headless King” kind of proves so, with the track being kind of heavy and featuring some great lyrical content. “The Black Death” proves my theory once again, and just like the name suggests, the intro of the song itself is creepy, with nothing playing but wind and nature sounds, with doors creaking, and slowly, in the distance some riffs can be heard. It’s impressive that BEHEADED actually came out with a track this long (8:01 minutes) but it’s absolutely worth your time.

Cursed Mediterranean” is back on point. It is a short track, but still furious and angry, and the vocals are brutal - a bit monotone from time to time, but still great. “Fid-dlam ta' dejjem” is a bit different once again, especially at the vocal part, which is a bit more aggressive, and a bit deeper - especially on the growl side. “Punishment of the Grave”, as expected, is a bit mellow; being really slow in the beginning, before building up. The vocals are on point, the guitars and riffing too; the drums are not too fast and the mix is perfect - nothing is too silent, neither too loud, but what else to expect from such a quality label?

This is another great release for the band, and yes, its final track is abnormally catchy, and it showcases that no matter how old the band, or the members are, they are still kicking ass, even after so much time, and after doing it for so long; and they will hopefully be an inspiration for the genre’s future. Hail BEHEADED! If you still didn’t get the chance to get into them, here are a few bands that can give you a taste of the sound: ABYSMAL TORMENT, DEEDS OF FLESH, INVERACITY, & DISAVOWED.

Songwriting:  8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. Beast Incarnate
  2. The Horror Breathes
  3. Crossing the House of Knives
  4. Reign of the Headless King
  5. The Black Death
  6. Cursed Mediterranean
  7. Fid-dlam ta' dejjem
  8. Punishment of the Grave
Omar Grech - Guitars
Frank Calleja - Vocals
David Cachia - Bass
Davide Billia - Drums
Simone Brigo - Guitars
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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