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Behind The Horror – Burn Up This Truth

Behind The Horror
Burn Up This Truth
by MetalWim at 08 November 2022, 8:38 PM

Sometimes you come across a musical chameleon when you wish to mention the influences that you hear in the music you are trying to decipher and explain to the readers. BEHIND THE HORROR is such a band. These Brazilians started their adventure with the band in 2008, and have since then moved a number of times, to end up in New Jersey, USA. As to the musical borders of the band, there is a clue. The name of the band almost gives away what kind of Metal we are listening to, as the opening song “Burn Up This Truth” has a very definite ROB ZOMBIE vibe, so a little horror mixed in with traditional Heavy Metal. The second song “Storm Rage” has riffs that will make you think of MASTODON, with ZOMBIE like intermezzos in between.

The third song “Outland” is the first single of the album, and starts off really slow and soft, before turning into an up-tempo mesmerising tune, with the same influences as mentioned so far, only now mixed with VOIVOD as well. So, even though you might understand where BEHIND THE HORROR is coming from, you will still be amazed at how easy they mix everything together. “Resident Evil” has SEPULTURA written all over it, and is a very energetic piece that again will have you wondering what will happen next. I have to admit that it took me several listening sessions before the full impact of it all set in.

“Sky Seeker” mixes METALLICA with VOIVOD and MASTODON, so again you are left with the question as to how these guys are able to make everything flow into one another so effortlessly. The same goes for “Heroes Die Alone”, especially because the voice sounds a lot like James Hetfield, but you will also have some more SEPULTURA in there. Closer “Into The Void” is the most adventurous song on the album, starting off with SEPULTURA meeting MASTODON, before throwing in all other influences left right and centre. You’d suspect an overload on information, but thankfully that doesn’t happen. It’s all listenable, accessible, and even quite good. The only real critique I have is that everything that BEHIND THE HORROR does sounds like it’s borrowed from others, it doesn’t carry their face. If they work on that, they could become a rather influential band themselves. Until then I’ll happily make do with “Burn Up This Truth”.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

01. Burn Up This Truth
02. Storm Rage
03. Outland
04. Resident Evil
05. Sky Seeker
06. Heroes Die Alone
07. Into The Void
Gabriel Alves (Guitar and Vocals)
Lucas Alves (Drums)
Record Label: Digital Yourself


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