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Beholder - The Legend Begins (CD)

The Legend Begins
by Makis Kirkos at 18 June 2001, 9:38 PM

The ever-growing lately Italian power metal scene has given us another band to consider. An amazing 7-pieces band that plays epic symphonic power metal with influences from the classic bands of the Italian scene like Domine or Rhapsody but as well as from bands like Running Wild.

'The Legend Begins' is Beholder's debut album, an album that uses the same cliches of the all power metal bands but with a quiet original style, technique, symphony and amazing web of vocals. The aggressive and powerful voice of Patrick Wire and the catchy and dramatic voice of female vocalist Leanan Sidhe give life to an epic fantasy concept, telling the story of the 'Army of Eilen', traveling to Lorengaard, The Ancient City of Faith, assaulted by barbarians.

What's interesting is that they use both male and female vocals, with the two singers sharing everything and not the one being in the background. It's nice to listen the one singer sing a line and then the other does the next. On the other hand the guitarists are doing a very good job and the arrangements are epic enough to remind you of knights marching to war against an army of Orcs or something. The lyrical concept is dealing with a fantasy theme and it's not bad at all since they develop the story quite well.

In the 10 tracks of the cd, Beholder shows a good skill to perform fast tracks in the style of Rhapsody / Running Wild, and epic middle tempos with medieval harmonies following the path of masters like Blind Guardian. The originality of the vocals and the great guitar work of the two guitarists create a nice style, powerful enough and personal though. Not bad for a debut album but they still need some work to make it. However I'll be waiting for their next release, I think they could manage to be one of the up comers in the epic symphonic power metal scene.

3 Star Rating

Enter The Realm
The Ring Of Freedom
Ivory Tower
Call For Revenge
Blood And Pain
The Ancient Prophecy - The Journey
The Ancient Prophecy - The Oath
The Fallen Kingdom
Until Darkness Falls
Chains Of Fate
Patrick Wire - vocals
Matt Treasure - guitar
Markus Mayer - guitar
Leanan Sidhe - female vocals
Unknown - keyboards
Andy McKein - bass
Mike Sachs - drums
Record Label: DragonHeart Records


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