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Being As An Ocean - How We Both Wondrously Perish Award winner

Being As An Ocean
How We Both Wondrously Perish
by Emily Coulter at 23 April 2014, 10:03 PM

BEING AS AN OCEAN are one of the smaller bands in the mainstream Hardcore scene but they are one of the most hard working bands around currently, combining a mix of Hardcore vocals with Metal Core guitar patterns and meaningful lyrics which is automatically loved by fans of bands such as AUGUST BURNS RED and COUNTERPARTS which helped their fan base grow when they toured with them. BEING AS AN OCEAN may have a lot of people arguing over their music and sometimes calling them a ''Tumblr Core band'' but no matter what, you will end up loving them.

From the moment ''Mediocre Shakespeare'' begins you're in love with it, you can automatically tell that there is a huge difference from their previous release. Joel Quartuccio still has his harsh vocals leading the band through the track but the clean back up vocals really add's the pop punk influence you can hear and it really takes the band out of it's normal comfort zone. It seems that the new members Connor Dennis of SLEEP PATTERNS and Michael McGough of THE ELIJAH has had a huge positive effect on the band's sound and lyrical content. ''Mediocre Shakespeare'' is a track which is perfect to open the album with, it makes you so excited to hear the rest of the tracks and how the band have progressed since ''Dear G-D''.

''Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air'' has a lot of BEING AS AN OCEAN's old sound being heard, which is something missed from the previous. Joel Quartuccio's are calmed down by Michael Mcgough's cleans which gives it such a different sound in various parts of the song, the combination has changed BEING AS AN OCEAN from a typical small melodic Hardcore band to a post Hardcore band with various influences being injected to make it into one of the biggest newcomers in Hardcore. The instrumental parts are simple but it's still something to be heavily appreciated as it only makes the heavier parts better. The Pop Punk influence is as obvious as it gets in ''L'exquisite Douleur'' but it quickly transforms into the bands common post Hardcore sound. Joel Quartuccio spoken word at the beginning really makes the track a special kind of beautiful before breaking into his harsh vocal style, his harshness gives a rough edge to the gentle song. The guitars and drums are typical of any band you'd find in the pop punk genre such as TITLE FIGHT or BASEMENT but it works so well for BEING AS AN OCEAN when they combine it all together. ''L'exquisite Douleur'' is one of the less post Hardcore songs of the album but it's a track to be enjoyed by everyone who loves good music and something to relax too.

Title track ''How We Both Wondrously Perish'' is only an instrumental from the guitarists and drummer, but it's something that really makes you speechless with how relaxing it is, you barely see the change in song when it leads into ''The Poets Cry For More''. Part of what makes BEING AS AN OCEAN so unique to any other band going currently is Joel Quartuccio's spoken word verses which make you think deeply while going together hand in hand with the slow guitar riffs, no other band could do this in a way that BEING AS AN OCEAN does. "The Poet's Cry For More'' is an emotional song with Pop Punk guitars with an indie edge to it. Connor Dennis's drumming for the band has been a huge help for the band as it's a lot more fitting than the previous drumming on their last album. This isn't the bands best track but it is something special, a song which really connects to you and will let you relax.

Michael McGough takes over vocally and transforms BEING AS AN OCEAN into a full pop punk band on track ''We Drag The Dead On Leashes'' with no Hardcore influences added to it, it works to an extent but by the end of the track you miss their usual sound. Tyler Ross and Ralph Sica make a great pairing when creating memorable but relaxing guitar tones for easily listening to match the vocals of McGough. ''We Drag The Dead On Leashes'' isn't the bands best work, it's weak in comparison to other tracks but it does show maturity since the band’s first album.

Yet again Michael McGough takes lead vocals in ''Even The Dead Have Their Tasks'' but it's Joel Quartuccio's spoken words what make the song such a relaxing hit for BEING AS AN OCEAN. The lyrics are the usual style with a little more influence of LA DISPUTE inserted within it, without Joel Quartuccio's spoken words with a harshness to it this song would be nothing but sound like BASEMENT's early music. ''Even The Dead Have Their Tasks'' is one of the best tracks on ''How We Both Wondrously Perish'' and this style of song is so desperately needed for the album, it gives a hint of how the band used to be but how they've also moved on. Sadly the band go down hill on ''Grace, Teach Us What We Lack'' with the band lacking in something which is normally making the song so loveable. The track features guest vocals along with the usual two working together, but the new vocals added just feel boring but at least the guitarists and drummer give it a little more excitement. There is little you can say about ''Grace, Teach Us What We Lack'' but it definitely lacks something.

In the later half of the album BEING AS AN OCEAN seem to be reducing the harsh vocals and bringing in more cleans and less aggressive guitar tones, this applies to ''Mothers'' which you can expect from the title is going to be a sweet and soft song compared to the likes of the first 3 tracks of the album. It's a good track but it would be better for an E.P or side project. The album ends with ''Natures'' which has the same vibe as previous track ''Mothers'' but just a tad heavier towards the end but sadly you're expecting something huge to close the album with and this just isn't it. Also added to the final track is a little too much electronics which really does not fit with BEING AS AN OCEAN.

BEING AS AN OCEAN have proved themselves to be one of the upcoming bands in the post Hardcore scene with their album ''How We Both Wondrously Perish'' which is overwhelming in talent for new and old fans of the band, no one expected the band to take this direction. The new members Michael McGough and Connor Denis have had a huge influence on the original group and it's nothing short of positive, 2014 shall be a huge year for this band.


5 Star Rating

1. Mediocre Shakespeare
2 .Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air
3. L'exquisite Douleur
4. How We Both Wondrously Perish
5. The Poets Cry For More
6. We Drag The Dead On Leashes
7. Even The Dead Have Their Tasks
8. Grace, Teach Us What We Lack
9. Mothers
10. Natures
Joel Quartuccio – Vocals
Tyler Ross – Guitar
Ralph Sica – Bass
Michael McGough – Guitar
Connor Denis – Drums
Record Label: Impericon Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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