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Bejelit – Emerge Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 March 2012, 11:06 PM

In Metal music I mostly define myself as a follower of the classic kind of the genre. However, even an old school fan like me might seek a little diversity in order not to get tired of the same things that come in similar waves. Listening to the previous album of the Italian BEJELIT, "You Die And I…", made me see yet another side of Euro Power Metal. A side that turned out to be darker yet quite authentic. Back then I didn't appreciate the album that much as with its entire innovative persona, it didn't swallow me. Nonetheless,  the band's new album, "Emerge", via their new label Bakerteam Records, grasped me right from the start not only because of its awkwardness but also because it showed progression while still hanging on to the primary elements of Power Metal that have been making it so exciting.

For those didn't have the chance to catch BEJELIT's earlier creation, I tell you that it’s not what you would expect from a Power Metal band. Think about the mixture of RAGE and IRON MAIDEN along with SONATA ARCTICA. "Emerge"'s music isn't that heavy, yet it is highly dynamic, melodic, both in guitars and the halo of keyboards, followed by bombastic solos and an assorted and constructive rhythm section. In the front, meaning lead vocals, there is a phenomenon. The previous album only set the things to come when the wonderful vocalic quality of Fabio Privitera. At first he would probably sound like your average melodic vocalist, yet I believe that it would about two minutes of the opening track, "The Darkest Hour", to see his bewildered nature. Though not King Diamond, which is my first choice for a full scale theater platform, Privitera has the ability to fascinate with his semi depth voice pattern along with mid to high pitches. If you were looking for emotions and a passion to sing with might, he has everything on display.

I had a few choices for the best tracks on "Emerge", yet I believe that you should take notice to the entire tracklist. I didn't actually know if there is a concept because they I see it "Deep Waters", the album's epic, is a whole storyline on its own, yet it doesn't have to matter. BEJELIT made "Emerge" in style with an artistic nature that partially resembled theatrics. I am positive that their live show has made them more than just the normal band. Well, for those who would like to test the album anyway following examples I would recommend on "Emerge", "Don't Know What You Need", "Deep Waters" and "We Got Tragedy". However, for the best experience takes this one head on, there are a lot of surprises. Way to go BEJELIT.

4 Star Rating

1. The Darkest Hour
2. C4
3. Don't Know What You Need
4. Emerge
5. We Got The Tragedy
6. To forget And To Forgive
7. Dancerous
8. Triskelion
9. Fairy Gate
10. The Defending Dreams Battle (Aruna's Gateway)
11. Deep Water
12. DefCon/13
13. Boogeyman 
Fabio Privitera- Vocals
Sandro Capone- Guitars
Marco Pastorino- Guitars
Giorgio Novarino- Bass
Giulio Capone- Drums and Keys
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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