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Believer - Gabriel (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 April 2009, 8:59 AM

My great sin is that I was shocked with this band's debut and I never realized why I didn't keep on searching for their stuff. But the Metal God was kind enough to send me a sign, to be more precise BELIEVER's brand new album and I can say that I won't forgive myself easily for this. I should have been spending some time on them all these years. BELIEVER are back fellows and all you easy listeners should better read something else.

This incredible US force started its apocalypse in 1986 and after a demo in 1987 managed to sign with R.E.X. Records for the release of its magnificent debut album Extraction From Mortality. Since then, various things have happened since the band has changed. After a long hiatus, to be more precise 16 years after its last full-length release, BELIEVER return with a renovated line up, a new label and a great hunger for Metal!

Signing to Cesspool Recordings (a label owned by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Howard Jones), BELIEVER decided to release its brand new masterpiece entitled Gabriel. The straight in your face SLAYER style past has been left behind for many years and the US metallers have transformed into a cerebral Thrash/Death outfit that may remind you of bands like SADUS, some DESTRUCTION, some TOURNIQUET, but they DO have their own identity, their sound is their own. Pretty technical and complex, BELIEVER offer a nice little Thrash/Death Metal gem that a few bands could produce nowadays. The shredding guitars, the insane drumming, Bachman's harsh vocals are unfolded magically and laid upon this album's compositions constructing a record that is balancing between the honesty and passion of the 80's, as well as the aggression and feeling of the 00's. Add the guest appearances by Howard Jones (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), Joe Rico (SACRIFICE), Deron Miller (CKY) and Rocky Gray (ex EVANESCENCE, SOUL EMBRACED) and you see that we have a more than good buying option here mates.

I guess that along with the last SADUS and SADIST releases, here comes one more extreme technical album that will proudly stand next to them. Go check it out and when you manage to overcome your shock you will realize that BELIEVER are here to stay.

4 Star Rating

A Moment In Prime
History Of Decline
The Need For Conflict
Focused Lethality
Shut Out The Sun
The Brave
Nonsense Mediated Decay
Kurt Bachman - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Leaman - Guitar
Elton Nestler - Bass
Joey Daub - Drums
Jeff King - Keyboards, Programming

Guest Musicians:
Howard Jones - Vocals
Joe Rico - Guitar
Deron Miller - Guitar
Rocky Gray - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade


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