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Belle Morte – Crime of Passion

Belle Morte
Crime of Passion
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 13 June 2021, 2:38 AM

BELLA MORTE is a musical project from Belarus, Minsk, playing Dark Symphonic Metal with a Gothic/Progressive flavor and melancholic vibe. Their debut EP “Game On” was released in 2018. Four tracks listed on the EP have asymmetric songwriting structure and jarring dynamic jumps from balladry to metallic symphonic bluster. Their second album named “Crime of Passion” tells a coherent story which started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim. The idea behind what the band is playing is contrasts – in music, lyrics and visual imaginary. It’s about seeing its own beauty in disturbing things, ugly things, and, vice versa, seeing the bad side in nice things which might not be that obvious at the first sight.

“Overture” opens the album. It’s a short mood-setting opener, beginning with tense tones, especially from the cello and piano. Something is lurking in the background. The flute notes add a nice touch as well. Segueing into “Who are You,” which begins with a scream and some heavy instrumentation. Bella’s vocals are sweet sounding, while the music is dark and full of Symphonic elements. It ends on a guitar solo. “If only you knew” opens with some electronic elements, and a slow, depressing sound. From there, the Symphonic elements are quite strong. Another fantastic guitar solo is laid down, ending on piano notes.

“To get her” begins with piano and aggressive guitars. Here is where I pick up on some Progressive elements. Bella’s vocals are fairly light and dreamy in nature, but she can stretch out into the upper ranges easily. The bass, piano and string section is very pretty, but also very gloomy. “Beauty and the Beast” is a shorter song with plenty of balls. The opening sequence is very rousing, but from there, thick bass guitar notes combine with vocals and some more of those Progressive elements. The drummer shows off some real skills in this track.

“My little Demon” is the album’s longest song, beginning with some lead guitar notes, and heavy, weighted guitars. There are male vocals here to go along with the female vocals. When they talk about the little demon, the male vocals are whispered and edgy. “Broken Things” features a lot of strings to go along with the punishing guitar work. The energy in this song is also dialed up a few notches. This time, it’s the guitarist showing off his skills.

“Lace” is the official music video from the album, and it might be the strongest track. It opens with piano and Bella’s charming voice. It’s a softer, more introspective song that breathes a bit more than some of the other songs. The Symphonic elements are still very strong, but the darkness is spreading, ending on a very gloomy sound. “My Legacy” closes the album. It’s a short, three-minute song with a faster pace and some strong guitar work. The pacing will get your toe tapping or head banging, whichever you prefer.

Dark, depressing and in the vein of Gothic music with plenty of Symphonic elements, “Crime of Passion” is a good album. I wish I knew the names of the other musicians here, because they are all quite skilled. I do wish that the band could put a little more of their personality into their music, to distance themselves from the thousands of other bands out there doing the same style, but the cello notes and meter shifts do keep things interesting. Give it a go—and decide for yourself.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Overture
2. Who are you
3. If only you knew
4. To get her
5. Beauty and the beast
6. My little Demon
7. Broken things
8. Beauty meant to kill
9. Lace
10. My Legacy
Bella Morte – Vocals
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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