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Bellicose - Love On Ice (Reissue) Award winner

Love On Ice (Reissue)
by Shwetha Kamath at 02 June 2014, 8:02 PM

HEAVEN’s “Without your love”, STONEHENGE's “Wings of Steel”, WESTFALEN's” devil's race”, AVALON' S “Loving Man”, VICTIM's “Power hungry”, all these tracks belong to the time of 1980s. All these are underground or not so famous Heavy Metal bands. And BELLICOSE is one of them which is extremely unacceptable. The magic of 80s lead to different time where WHITESNAKE , JOURNEY and DEF LEPPARD became so mainstream and how people forgot about a beautiful band from Dallas. Yes! BELLICOSE is back on with a hit with their only album "Love on Ice" where they cannot define their genre since the drums are of Glam, guitars are of Jazz, clean vocals of a New Wave of British Heavy Metal and its beautiful. 80s were the best and it will always stay like that.

Coming across BELLICOSE’S album again and finding that their album is on sale for limited is a great news. It's like waiting for Steve Perry to re-appear (24 May,2014). BELLICOSE is an amazing band. It sounds like Album oriented Rock mix with Glam drums and jazzy bass with Hard Rock vocals. Very weird, they can't be defined at all. Little by Little, it took time for me to even realize their awesomeness is more than it gets. 1984 Band cannot be taken as 2000s Rock. 80s is like magic filled with load of great passion. That amazing vocals by Joey Darcangelo, guitar fingering Ru Spearman and Micheal Laurence, funky bass by Steven Grillo and epicness of bringing Glam in drums by Tim "Chopper" Grugle cannot defined further by any vocabulary in the present Google dictionary. One word - Epic.

“Love on Ice” is a beautiful melodious album one can ever find. It's a piece of vintage. BELLICOSE has given that touch of everything to bringing Heavy Metal in Life. Melodic Heavy Metal is unique genre. BELLICOSE has derived its element to bring a difference.

Someone once told me that just because they are 80s or old doesn't mean that they are great. First check whether they are worthy enough to listen and then decide to criticize them. Oh well! This band surely has worth it. I still wonder why in the world people haven't come across them. YouTube views are less than any bands more than EXCALIBUR of 1985 from UK. Very weird, people are surely missing out a lot. Tracks like "Love on Ice", "Dream of the sinner" is worth to die for. I wouldn't regret dying after listening to their tracks at all. No flaws to be honest. You can't find anything missing. You can find just passion of the 80s.

With 14 tracks on the hope of bringing the 80s, BELLICOSE has limited edition to release for fans who know BELLICOSE. Make sure you grab a copy or you would end up regretting like me who is trying to get Breaker CD.
80s on the blood, Heavy Metal on Earth.

5 Star Rating

1. Love On Ice
2. Torn From The Mold
3. The Blinding
4. Fight The Fire
5. Run For Cover
6. If Only
7. The Mercenary
8. Dream of The Sinner
9. Daniel Lee
10. Razors Edge
11. Spirit Child
12. Dayz End
13. Run For Cover
14. Landslide
15. Why can't we live
16. Torn From The Mold 
Micheal Laurence - Guitars
Tim "Chopper" Grungle - Dums
Steven Grillo - Bass
Joey Darcangelo - Vocals
Ru Spearman - Guitars
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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