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Bells and Ravens - What Death Cannot End

Bells and Ravens
What Death Cannot End
by Andrew Harvey at 14 August 2022, 3:48 AM

 From his native country of Germany, lies a true virtuoso by the name of MATT CARVIERO with his own solo act BELLS AND RAVENS. This German musician began his epic musical venture a few years back in 2018 with various single releases in the same year and onwards into 2020. This of course was followed up by a full length album titled IN OUR BLOOD released independently in 2020 as this featured single releases already as well as instrumental tracks too. The first album also featured a guest appearance by SELIN SCHOENBECK who comes from bands such as TEB ALLSTARS, THEN COMES THE NIGHT and WE ARE LEGEND. The main protagonist behind the music MATT CARVIERO is an ex-member of CONTRACRASH as he plays most of the instruments including; bass guitar, drum programming, electric guitar and keyboards.

On the first album SELIN SCHOENBECK covered vocals and after a number of single releases in the last year of 2021-2022, another album has followed on titled WHAT DEATH CANNOT END. The style or approach taken by BELLS AND RAVENS is perhaps heavy and power metal combined as the new album features more guest appearances. First track off the new album is “Your Last Sacrifice” with a powerhouse of lyrical content and classical sounds together with electric guitar, bass guitar, keys and drums. This track also features a guest appearance by TOMMY LAASCH on vocals and JULIAN SCOTT on guitar as vocals either way lead the power collective like an eagle screeching as drums punching their way through and vocals bow out for a duration but do return.

Vocals lead into the next track which is “The Headless Horseman” with a hint of soundscape as a horse is heard and the track sets on a steady but effective drum pattern. This doubles up stamping their ground below as vocals are high in pitch and those are what sound like choral voices maybe programmed as drums project its double kick patterns. Clattering down on drums as vocals reach higher up in range as does electric guitar to imitate the pitch masked by vocals. This track also features TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS on vocals as we enter the third track. “Scourge Of The Seven Seas” as a symphonic sounding intro is full of majestic bliss as we have a guest appearance by ZAK STEVENS on additional vocals. Piano glides through with ease as vocals speak beautifully making this partnership absolutely angelic as a full band unison jumps in eventually.

Tempo in a sway movement as we hear an organ sound too before guitar solos later on halfway through this track. Piano and vocals take command of the track as a gradual crescendo with other instruments builds for a climax as we head into the next track “Martyrs & Illusionists (Victory)Pt. I”. This fourth track opens with drums as guitar is electrifying then vocals and drums become more dominant as this track features another appearance by SELIN SCHOENBECK on additional vocals. The orchestral/symphonic tone does well to start the track as lyrical content seems to be on themes of combat, conflict or engaging in battle. There are signs of feelings of being ready to conquer all one's enemies.

The extra vocals are worth highlighting as the power metal sound is stated clearly as heavy bass/guitar riffs leading us into the next track. “Zone Of Pain” is next as bass guitar is more prominent in the mix. The slow but gentle tempo is significant as the lyrical content had input by JURGEN VOLK as electric guitar slashes through at first. There is clarity with vocals as JURGEN VOLK supports with his voices as drums play at a nice, even pace. Electric guitar solos as vocals return as we approach the next track after which comes after a gradual diminuendo of track five, piano closes. “Beyond Redemption” features a guest appearance by vocalist TOBIAS HUEBNER, guitarist THOMAS SCHMEER and vocalist ANDREAS MOZER.

A guitar sweeps in as drums encourages the other instruments to join for faster rhythm or tempo, slightly more upbeat. The vocals are tougher and headstrong as the guitar gets creative juices flowing as well. Drums and guitar enjoy some joint playing as vocals bow out for the time being as we can hear symphonic hits then vocals return to close outro. “Disconnected” follows with TOMMY LAASCH once more on vocals acoustic guitar opens this track with keyboards sound effects then drums opens up the rest of the band. Heavier, kick ass bass guitar and electric guitar reigns in then vocals jump in. The track goes from heavy metal sounds to power rock/metal as high end guitar or vocals represent this section but go back to heavy tone, switching between the two mixes.

Tempo is solid as drums, vary to make the track stand out more, classical guitar intervenes briefly as we come to the next track. “Master Of My Fate” as a processed crescendo starts the track as drums mix it up too, also we have backing vocals from TIM ‘RIPPER OWENS’ making the track that extra special. Precision and contrast are certainly key here as vocals lead til drums have a solo/breakdown section then back to the power metal with hints of heavy metal as well. “1173(Symphony No. 25 in G Minor KV183 - I. Allegro Con Brio)” is purely an instrumental track as a classical orchestra is used in the background but electric guitar and drums define their true nature. The classical arrangement was actually used from a piece originally composed by WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART so obviously this combination suits the sound of MATT CARVIERO power metal contribution as the last track is now approaching.

Finally the last track to end this epic journey of the ship set sailed by MATT CARVIERO along with numerous guest appearances as the last track features TOBIAS HUEBNER on vocals. A nice gentle, touch of piano with classical orchestration as vocals sweep in as “Martyrs & Illusionists (Home)Pt. II” flows smoothly like a bird taking flight into the sunset. String hits are heard as woodwind plus electric guitar is audible. Drums take a more static approach and hit like a percussion section before a softer rhythm and hit like a percussion section before a softer rhythm comes into play as electric guitar takes the spotlight. A power or glam rock guitar plays out the closing outro of the track and album with silence coming down as nothing but rainfall is heard. It is a wonderful album and it is only fitting that it was dedicated to the drummer CLAUDIO SISTO who unfortunately passed away last year in May 2021.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Your Last Sacrifice
2. The Headless Horseman
3. Scourge Of The Seven Seas
4. Martyrs & Illusionists (Victory) Pt. I
5. Zone Of Pain
6. Beyond Redemption
7. Dishonoured
8. Master Of My Fate
9. 1773 (Symphony No. 25 in G Minor KV 183:I. Allegro Con Brio)
10. Martyrs & Illusionists (Home) Pt. II
Matt Carviero - Bass, Guitars and Keyboards
Tommy Laasch - Vocals
Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens - Vocals
Zak Stevens - Vocals
Selin Schoenbeck - Vocals
Jurgen Volk - Vocals
Tobias Huebner - Vocals
Andreas Mozer - Vocals
Roberto Palacios - Bass
Claudio Sisto - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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