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Belphegor - Blood Magick Necromance (CD) Award winner

Blood Magick Necromance
by Elina Papadogianni at 03 January 2011, 8:01 PM

This was a highly anticipated release for me. BELPHEGOR is already among the best blackened death metal bands, have proved their technicality, muciasianship and sinister song-writing ever since “The Last Supper” in 1995. Although we can trace their music activity twenty years back, it wasn’t until 2005 that they made their major impact on the metal scene and became a well-known black metal with the album “Goatreich – Fleshcult” and ever since keep bombarding us with pure awesomeness almost every year.

Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn” in 2009 sets the bar high, not only for black metal genre, but for the band itself, but since they have proved what they are capable of over and over again, I was almost certain that they would live up to my expectations in their new album. And I was right. “Blood Magick Necromance” blew me away from the very first track. Absolutely evil, dark, ritualistic black metal, with their characteristic death metal elements being once more present.

This ominous hell spawn consists of eight compositions filled with brutal riffs and grasping melodies and Helmuth giving his best vocal performance so far.The production is top notch, coming from none other than the legendary Peter Tagtgren (HYPOCRISY) and for the graphics and cover artwork, the band has tapped two famous Austrian artists: Helmut Wolech and Joachim Luetke.

BELPHEGOR's ninth album is the most complete and solid release so far. They prove that their inspiration is there and stronger than ever and their sound constantly balances between aggression and insanity. Regarding “Blood Magick Necromance”, the frontman of BELPHEGOR Helmuth says: ‘This will be the most epic and monumental BELPHEGOR Werk to date!’ And I can vouche for that!

5 Star Rating

1. In Blood - Devour This Sanctity
2. Rise To Fall And Fall To Rise
3. Blood Magick Necromance
4. Discipline Through Punishment
5. Angeli Mortis De Profundis
6. Impaled Upon The Tongue Of Sathan
7. Possessed Burning Eyes
8. Sado Messiah
Helmuth - Vocals, Guitar
Serpenth - Bass
Marthyn - Session Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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