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Beltez - Tod Part I

Tod Part I
by Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai at 04 November 2013, 3:48 PM

After nine years of silence, the German band BELTEZ returns with a new album. This unknown group that I just discovered while writing this review, hid in the pocket already two albums, one in 2002 "Beltane" and the other in 2004 "Selbtmord".

The new album is called "Tod Part 1" which gives the impression that the band is also preparing the second part or the rest of this album. BELTEZ plays Black Metal that seems Old School after a first listen but beware, after a second session of decryption I begin to dive into the whole thing. There is extremely melodic and atmospheric guitar lines that give a spatial dimension. Try to listen to the first track on the album "Das Schwarze Grab" and you'll notice everything. Remarkable changes in tempo are also a strong point; several more changes mark the different parts of the songs, which help to understand the anatomy of the BELTEZ music. A second remark concerns the tempo; in fact there is a tendency to use mid-tempos at the borders of Doom Metal in the style of CELTIC FROST for example.

The thematic aspect in different songs is strongly present; several ideas are put into a single title with a progressive way. This has a great influence on the length of the tracks, I must say that for 6 tracks and 43 minutes of Black Metal, the album is considered relatively long, for example with "Zu Den Sternen blickend" a piece of a little more than 11 minutes. The rhythms are supported by a very present bass line, which makes all the rhythm parts to make room for the guitar well present on the lead parts. Only downside is the vocals or rather how to interpret. As well as all of the lyrics are in German but frankly, I did not come to distinguish one word.

A strong album, depressive and full of feelings. Prepare your senses for a ride in the darkness.

3 Star Rating

1. Das Schwarze Grab
2. Selbstmord
3. Endzeit
4. Nagelfar
5. Zu Den Sternen blickend
6. Der Tod Ist Ein Meister Aus Deutschland (Slime Cover)
Dod - Guitars, Drums, Vocals
Flagg - Bass
Gezuecht - Gesang
Herr Tot - Drums       
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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