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Benea Reach - Alleviat (CD)

Benea Reach
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 November 2008, 1:34 PM

First of all, even though there is a bass recorded in this album, the back of the promo mentions no bass player neither a member of the band who may have recorded it. Secondly, the first thought I had when I saw this album was something that many of you who already know Tabu Recordings will probably think about. What the fuck is wrong with Tabu? Are they fucking crazy or something? Has the whole world of Metal gone mad?

This label features (or featured) bands like ENSLAVED, KHOLD, SUSPERIA, VREID, EINHERJER and many more not so Christian friendly bands. Why such a label should sign a band that not only supports Christianity, but also has many songs (mostly in its older releases) that speak about Christianity? Probably one more proof that our beloved music has lost its extremity, its aggression and its rebellious attitude.

Anyway, let's leave the ideological part because I am on the edge of a heart attack with what I say, and let's move on to the musical section of this review. BENEA REACH, whatever this means, is surprisingly a really good band with a modern Hardcore/Mathcore sound, as well as some slight Death Metal elements that make them get in the race along with bands like MESHUGGAH, TEXTURES and FEAR FACTORY. The singer is simply amazing since this guy is screaming his ass off and the riffing is more like a nervous breakdown. The rhythm section is also… simply amazing! One more thing that reinforces the band is the more than good production. Shiny and sharp like a diamond!

If we put aside the ideological part, BENEA REACH's sophomore full-length effort shows some signs of a great band that can compete with the big names in this 'modern Metal' league. Not to mention that Alleviat is far better than MESHUGGAH's latest album!

BENEA REACH - New Waters

3 Star Rating

New Waters
Ilka - Vocals
Hakon - Guitar
Martin - Guitar
Marco - Drums
Record Label: Tabu Recordings


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