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Beneath My Feet - In Parts, Together Award winner

Beneath My Feet
In Parts, Together
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 14 February 2023, 3:39 PM

Since the coming of acts as SLIPKNOT, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, LINKIN’ PARK, KORN and others that brought genres as Alternative Metal, New Metal and Metalcore to the lights of mainstream, a new generation of bands came influenced by their works, and causing despair on the so-called Old School Metal fans (they’re still in denial to this day, never recognizing the values of these genres). But no one can deny that this refreshing surprise gave many good things to Metal (as new legions of fans), and one can have in hands a work as “In Parts, Together”, the latest release of the Swedish quintet BENEATH MY FEET.

Their work can be described as a fusion of Modern Metal tendencies (New Metal influences can be heard mixed with fine Metalcore parts and some electronic elements will be heard mixed with charming melodies) with British Hardcore and some touches of Pop Rock. It’s a hard alchemy to described, but musically is simple to hear, understand and like. The band shows a very good technical level, but never the accessible appeal of their music is torn apart. And maybe they’re pointing for some new musical possibilities into their own genre. Yes, this album sounds full of life, energy and it’s a weapon made of melodic hooks. The production worked in a very good way, using the modern and greasy instrumental tunes in a form that gives weight and aggressiveness to the band’s music, but allows it to be understood (especially during the parts with clean vocals). One can say that all was set to be as their musical work demands, simple this way.

10 tracks and 3 bonus songs awaits the fans, and all of them are really excellent. But for the lazy ones that needs a referential frame to begin with the album, hear to “Caught in a Hurricane” (an abrasive song full of breakdown and New Metal elements, but with charming hooking parts with clean vocals), “Dig My Grave” (again there are contrasts between brutal grove parts with some melodic moments, with emphasis on the screamed vocals, but with hypnotic hooks in the chorus), “When Both Our Worlds Collide” (a brutal song with melodic parts again, but on this one, is impressive the work that bass guitar and drums impose on the rhythms), “One More Time” (a New Metal hardcorized song, with high levels of adrenaline pumping in every moment, and what great guitar riffs, even on the melodic moments), “Is This Really You” (the rhythm slows down, enabling the melodic parts to be more accessible), “Far From Home” (a typical accessible song with radio-orientated melodies, but it shows a side of the band’s music that’s unexpected), and “Departure” (another song with radio orientation, but how lovely it sounds) are the right ones. But don’t you dare to leave the bonus tracks “Roads”, “Vindicta” and “Lost Sailors Grave” out!

BENEATH MY FEET is really a great and excellent name of the Modern Metal genre, and “In Parts, Together” can surprise many fans…

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Caught in a Hurricane
2. Dig My Grave
3. When Both Our Worlds Collide
4. Dead Equal
5. One More Time
6. Sink to the Bottom or Swim for the Shore
7. Is This Really You
8. Far From Home
9. The Uprising
10. Departure
11. Roads (Bonus)
12. Vindicta (Bonus)
13. Lost Sailors Grave (Bonus)
Marcus Garbom - Vocals
Sebastian Kågström - Vocals
Emil Näsvall - Guitars
Mattias Lindblom - Bass
Axel Moe - Drums
Record Label: Noble Demon Records


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