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Beneath - The Barren Throne Award winner

The Barren Throne
by Jake "The Snake" Rogge at 03 June 2014, 5:20 AM

Iceland knows some brutal Death Metal, and it doesn’t get much more brutal then Iceland’s BENEATH.  As their second album starts with the track “Depleted Kingdom”, there is a nice sullen and sombre intro and then here comes the pain.  These fellas unleash the fury and it doesn’t stop or slow down, each track I have heard sounds more awesome than the last.

This is a how I like my Death Metal, hard, loud, fast, great riffs, good guitar harmonies; along with sweet solos and some sweep-picked arpeggios along the way. I also like how the drums vary, blast beats, and then there are times where there are 1/16th or continuous 1/8th notes on the kick drums, I like the variance it adds to the mix.

So far I dig every track on this album, yeah you get some similar sounding songs when you get no vocal depth ( that’s not in disrespect, it’s growling DM vocals not Power Metal where there is a 3-5 octave range) so that’s where the music comes in to play, and the music stands out and is simply stellar.  I liken these guys to AMON AMARTH as in, there isn’t a bad song on the album!!

Some of my favourite tracks are “Chalice”, Iron Jaw” “Sky Burial” “Storm Drainer”, Depleted Kingdom” and “Unearthed”, that drum intro owns.

I have heard of the band BENEATH before, but never knew much about them, I like their new album “The Barren Throne”, these guys have a bright future in the realm of Death Metal, and they have a NILE and BROKEN HOPE tinge to them and can’t wait to see these guys on tour
Horns up \\m/

4 Star Rating

1. Depleted Kingdom
2. Chalice
3. The Barren Throne
4. Putrid Seed of Affection
5. Iron Jaw
6. Sovereign Carnal Passion
7. Sky Burial
8. Veil of Mercy
9. Mass Extinction
10. Storm Drainer
11. Unearthed
Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason -Vocals
Johann Ingi Sigurdsson - Guitar
Unnar Sigurdsson - Guitar
Gisli Runar Gudmundsson - Bass
Ragnar Sverrisson - Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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