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Benefactor Decease - Anatomy Of An Angel

Benefactor Decease
Anatomy Of An Angel
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2016, 6:09 PM

I have to say again that same old lullaby: what in the blazes moves a band?

Yes, sometimes I must state that you must be yourself, not anyone that came before you. Actually, many bands in this revival from the 80's are just doing again what already was done. And no, I really refuse to accept this aspect, because I'm a Metallian since those days, and the main reason for the great number of good bands back than was merely one: the search for a musical work with personality. This is the main idea behind bands as METALLICA, ANTHRAX, DEATH, POSSESSED and many names from those golden times. And they don't leave a formula for you to do in the same way. And this is the sin that Greek quintet BENEFACTOR DECEASE commits on "Anatomy of an Angel".

Obviously they are talented musicians, and Greece has a tradition on the style, but they seem a lot like too many bands we heard before, especially from USA scene on the 80's. Their work is powerful indeed, aggressive and fast, including some Crossover elements, but that feeling that "we all heard that before, in some bands' work" is too strong. And it's a pity, because they are really a good band…

The sound quality is good. It's aggressive, but with a clear way, so you all will understand what they are playing with no problem, even with some tunes on bass and guitars that could be better. But the band's problem is in their music.

You can see some good ideas on songs as "Electrical Death", "Chronicles of a Paraphiliak", "Subsistence for Regeneretic Impulse" (a very good work on guitars can be heard here), "Lyssa" and "A Blade in the Dark". It's just because they lack a strong personality. Yes, a strong one, because we can feel one on their songs, but it is hidden under the idea of being like other bands that are long gone, or left this formula behind.

I believe they can do better than we hear on this album, but that's a question for the future to answer…

3 Star Rating

1. Intermental Excitation (intro)
2. Electrical Death
3. Chronicles of a Paraphiliak
4. Anatomy of an Angel
5. The Finest Form for Body Modification
6. Feeling the Razor's Touch
7. Abandonement to the Hanger
8. Subsistence for Regeneretic Impulse
9. Lyssa
10. A Blade in the Dark
Panos "Cut-throat" Toufexidis - Vocals
Zissis "Coroner" - Rhythm Guitars
Apollo "The Parafiliak" - Bass
Nick "Chainsaw Murders" - Lead Guitars
Vaggos "Pgc Technical Arrogance" - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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