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Benighted - Asylum Cave

Asylum Cave
by Daryl Adolph at 25 April 2011, 3:48 AM

Saying that a band sounds nasty, is pretty cliche thing to write, in my books… yet I have been guilty of it as well. Many metal bands deserve that sort of handle, and one band from France seems to earn that specific tag more than most do. BENIGHTED seems to be a really 'nasty' find.

Crossing some very harsh Death metal with some very brutal Black and Grind metal as well, BENIGHTED seems to be on track to be one of those extreme acts that you cant help take note of right from hearing them once. With Lyrics researching such topics as psychology and depravity to set the tone… the music is the thing that just attacks you as well making the whole experience a thing of heavy beauty.

Songs like the explosive Prey to the blood soaked words of a soul tormented in the song The Cold remains is a perfect example of the massiveness and brutality that extreme collaboration of styles can produce such artistic vision and yet still manages to blow your head off. Truly this album is a work of sheer brutal power, and larger than anything tribute to talent that bends to no ones whims or suggestions. This is what metal is all about.

The only bad part of this album is in the way it was recorded. Sometimes, the production scars what could have been a very awesome album… but aside from those few and very scattered problems, BENIGHTED gives you one of the best extreme metal albums that have been released in awhile. I do not say this lightly, but the music speaks for itself… this is one solid album… and one very enjoyable one as well.

4 Star Rating

  1. Asylum Cave
  2. Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth
  3. Prey
  4. Hostile
  5. Fritzl
  6. Unborn Infected Children
  7. The Cold Remains
  8. A Quiet Day
  9. Shadows Descend
  10. Swallow
  11. Lethal Merycism
  12. Drowning
  13. Wrath
Julien Truchan - Vocals
Olivier Gabriel - Guitar
Liem N'Guyem - Guitar
Eric Lombard - Bass
Kevin Foley - Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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