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Beorn's Hall - Mountain Hymns

Beorn's Hall
Mountain Hymns
by Kerrie Pelly at 25 June 2017, 1:29 PM

BEORN’S HALL Is Black Metal hailing from New Hampshire, United States. MOUNTAIN HYMNS consists of nine tracks at a length of just a little over forty-three minutes. “A Conjuring of Clouds” is two minutes and forty-nine minutes long. This track is mainly chanting but you can also hear as if in the distance the sound of thunder and rain getting nearer and nearer. It creates an almost magical setting for the beginning of an album. I’m not even entirely sure if it is a acoustic guitar that starts “Black Foe of the Earth” out but it for sure is a stringed instrument and it is LOVELY!! There is a crispy-ness to this stringed instrument that I like. The stringed instrument plays for a little over two minutes and is accompanied with a few effects behind it. The effects alternate between a hymn of sorts and what sounds like either a trumpet or an organ. At 5:53 it dives into dark-ness or should I say “Black foe of the Earth” makes its grand entrance with screams galore. At least I like to think of it that way.

“Beneath the Hooves of Sleipnir” is a softer track and gives the feel of almost as though the music is creating a setting for the vocalist to tell a tale. I guess you can say it somewhat does come off as a tale around a fire because the lyrics aren’t really sung but are spoken and whispered. You can also hear crackling within the music that is why I mentioned fire. Overall, I think that “Mountains Hymns” is a great album dedication (if that is what it is) to J.r.r Tolkiens character Beorn. It just creates a great setting suitable for that of such a strong character. The music takes your feelings and mind to this whole other world. Just close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the beauty of every second of this black metal album. Because of all the hard work put into this album which surely shows, the music will aid your imagination in creating BEORN’S HALL.

Songwriting:  7
Originality: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. A Conjuring of Clouds
2. Black Foe of the Earth
3. Now Call We, Over Mountains Cold
4. Beneath the Hooves of Sleipnir
5. The Accursed Wind
6. Brothers in Belarus (a winter tale)
7. Lord of Silver Mountains
8. Of Sword and Sorcery
9. Winternight
Rogvaldr – Guitars, Bass, Keys
Vulcan – Drums, Vocals
Magda – Hymns, Chants, Conjuration
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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