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Beriedir – AQVA

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 January 2022, 3:48 PM

BERIEDIR is a Progressive Power Metal act based in Bergamo, Italy. The five-member band was founded by Stefano Nüsperli and began its live career in 2015, with the release of “The Line,” their first demo. They released their first full length album, “The Path Beyond the Moon,” in 2018 after sharing the stage with prominent groups of the metal scene. After an acoustic EP released in 2020, they are ready to present their newest album, “AQVA,” which contains ten tracks.

Italy has been a steady presence in the Progressive Metal genre lately, and I have come to discover many great acts. Let’s hope BERIEDIR is one of them. “At Candle Light” leads off the album. It opens with some electronica and a fast, jumpy rhythm. The vocals are bright and harmonic out of the gates…Stefano has a really smooth sounding voice. The chorus is pretty rich, and the guitars assert their dominance as well. “Departure Sound” begins with a faster moving riff and keys, as well as some Progressive elements. These guys are no joke when it comes to musicianship. Dexterous shifting occurs on the circumference of dime in this track.

“The Dove and the Serpent” opens with more keys and a rugged mid-section, from a chugging riff and drums that keep a tight control over one another. The guitar solo is very well done here. “The Angel in the Lighthouse” is another spirited song that takes advantage of the striking vocal technique of Stefano. Those harmonies will grab you and take hold. The exchange between keys and guitars shows a seasoned group of songwriters. “The Drowned” opens with keys and guitars in a unison where one isn’t stronger than the other. Melodies are the highlight in this track. They are smooth and calming, yet also invigorating. The keys are also strong in this song.

“Stormbound” begins with more ominous tones that turn to positive reinforcement—get out there and grab what you want in life. “Arkangelos” opens with more of those rich keyboard tones and some rougher vocals…harsh mixed with cleans at first. Melodies abound from both the keys and the guitars. “Of Dew and Frost” begins with a slower pace, fueled by wonderful keyboard melodies. It’s grinds out with a mix of guitars and bass with an ominous cloud overhead. “Rain” begins with darker tones and a full, rich sound of the instruments working very well together. The interlude at the half-way mark is beautiful. “Moonlight Requiem” closes the album. The only problem through ten songs was some of the tracks were so similar that it was hard to distinguish between them.

These guys have all the right players to make a great band…musicianship, an outstanding vocalist who also plays the keys very well, two fantastic guitarists, a wonderful bass player, and an outstanding drummer who clearly plays with a lot of energy and fun. The album was both pleasant to listen to as well as complex; a key feature for us Progressive Metal fans. The sophomore album here represents a band that is really coming into their own, with thoughtful songwriting and enough melodic hooks to reel in any fan of the genre. Well done, mates!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. At Candle Light
2. Departure Song
3. The Dove and the Serpent
4. The Angel in the Lighthouse
5. The Drowned
6. Stormbound
7. Arkangelos
8. Of Dew and Frost
9. Rain
10. Moonlight Requiem
Stefano Nusperli – Vocals, Keyboards
Daniele Cantaboni – Bass
Ciro Salvi – Drums
Simone Bacchi Mottin – Guitars
Francesco Ideo – Guitars (Lead)
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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