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Bernhard Welz - Stay Tuned 1.5

Bernhard Welz
Stay Tuned 1.5
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 13 February 2017, 12:05 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: BERNHARD WELZ; signed via Purerock Records, hailing from Austria - performing Rock, on their debut album entitled: “Stay Tuned 1.5”.

I'm acquainted with Bernhard Welz; an Austrian drummer, composer, producer and tutor. “Stay Tuned 1.5” is an all-stars album that uses the slogan “Rock Against Cancer, Charity Album”, filled with multiple quintets that unites infamous musicians including DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, OZZY OSBOURNE, TOTO, and BLACK SABBATH - just to name a few. The man in question has been able to bring together these legendary acts; creating an unprecedented production. Even non-Metal acts such as PINK FLOYD, MICHAEL JACKSON and PHIL COLLINS make a surprising appearance. All is good that all quartets contribute to the cancer research for charity; however, if you are here for some blisteringly furious Metal…you have come to the wrong review. Now…not all is distinguished, as there are still some notable riffs here and there that make up for the lack thereof - otherwise, this is just your generic pop-rock record…not bringing much to the table.

“Stay Tune 1.5” consists of 12 enjoyable songs; ranging at around over an hour long, and comprises of almost 30 members Bernhard Welz has compiled in…it's safe to say that this is an unparalleled development. The album starts off with “Traffic Night”, “Fading Away” & “Let The Star Shine On You” …and while the Hard Rock proficiency is there; it all round feels very flat with not much complexities in distinct fulfillment. “I Don't Believe That R 'N' R Is Out”, “It's Just A Long Way” & “Young, Free And Deadly” continue this trend with the latter song being the most heaviest you would get in this record. “Always Behind You”, “Believe Me” & “Secret Land” is where things got a little boring for me quite honestly,  anthem orientated and atmospherics with psychedelic aesthetics element at a unique substance for formula… “Wanna Give You My Lovin'”, “Drum Jam” and “Child In Time (Live)” conclude with me still scratching my head…

…While granted - songs like “Child In Time (Live)” which I first discovered while watching the British comedic program: “Bottom 5 Live - Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour” (The Young Ones) which reminded me of that hilarious improvisation immediately…BERNHARD WELZ does a great job upholding this DEEP PURPLE classic with prominent efficiency. Paul McCartney, Ian Price, Jon Lord, Don Airey, Steve Morse, & Roger Glover evidently showcase that they are the band that gets the most attention from me. While all members; including Tony Martin, Chris Childs, and Neil Murray get honorable mentions – they are the in part the most Metal you will get to come out of “Stay Tune 1.5”. Overall - My problem lies in that this acquisition doesn't showcase anything impressively unique, just the immensely compiled musicians that make things the most interesting.

Stay Tuned 1.5” was made for good intentions for the late Linda McCartney who died from breast cancer in 1998. This is an album that gets respect from me at the most; instrumentally, not much else.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Sound Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Traffic Night
2. Fading Away
3. Let The Star Shine On You
4. I Don't Believe That R 'N' R Is Out
5. It's Just A Long Way
6. Young, Free And Deadly
7. Always Behind You
8. Believe Me
9. Secret Land
10. Wanna Give You My Lovin'
11. Drum Jam
12. Child In Time (Live)
Sir Paul McCartney - Vocals
Ian Price (DEEP PURPLE) - Drums
Jon Lord (DEEP PURPLE) - Keyboards
Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE) - Keyboards
Steve Morse (DEEP PURPLE) - Guitars
Roger Glover (DEEP PURPLE) - Bass
Guy Pratt (PINK FLOYD, Michael Jackson, ROXY MUSIC) - Vocals, Guitars
Steve Lukather (TOTO, Cher, Michael Jackson) - Guitar
Mike Stern - Guitars
Lee Sklar  (Phil Collins) - Bass
Neil Taylor (Robbie Williams) - Guitars
Laurence Cottle (ALAN PARSON PROJECT, Eric Clapton, Cher, Sting) - Bass
Steve Lee (GOTTHARD) - Vocals
Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE, Ozzy Osbourne) - Bass
Mark King (LEVEL 42) - Vocals, Bass
Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH) - Vocals
Katrina Leskanich LESKANICH - (Ex KATRINA AND THE WAVES) - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dan McCafferty (NAZARETH) - Vocals
Helen McRobbie (Joe Cocker, Robert Plant) - Vocals, Guitar
Ernesto Ghezzi (ZUCCHERO, EROS RAMAZOTTI) - Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Childs (THUNDER, Paul Young) - Bass
Joni Madden (POINTER SISTERS) - Vocals
Kaitner Z Doka (Ian Paice, Don Airey, Jon Lord) - Guitars
Matt Filippini (Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes) - Guitars
Robby Musenbichler (FENDRICH, OPUS) - Guitars
Klaus Schubert (NO BROS) - Guitars
Geri Moder - Guitars
Christina Lux (Jon Lord) - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Pure Rock Records


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Edited 07 February 2023

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