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Berzerker Legion – Obliterate The Weak Award winner

Berzerker Legion
Obliterate The Weak
by Joseph Hausmann at 04 February 2020, 5:30 PM

When creating a powerhouse of intense and savage Death Metal, you need to make sure you have a good name for the band. When doing this while creating a Death Metal supergroup, the name has to be that much better. There is no better name for such a thing as BERZERKER LEGION. The name itself exudes power as well as brings up savage imagery just like the cover art of their latest release "Obliterate The Weak" through Listenable Records. The cover art of the album is impressive giving a powerful image to the band. BERZERKER LEGION is a Death metal supergroup that was formed in 2015 through numerous well known former members of some pretty substantial groups. So these guys have been around creating amazing music already. With their latest release, it is fair to say that they will continue creating more amazing music under this powerful banner. The powerful wall of sound they provide still holds on to the rawness of the Death metal culture but also provides a very refined approach as well.

Jumping right into "Obliterate The Weak" we are immediately met with the war song that introduces the album to us. "Rise of The Berzerkers" has a build-up arrangement that adds multiple layers as the song progresses. Each layer of instrumentals paired with a gradually increasing tempo adds more intensity and power to the track until it transitions to the next track. This song portrays an image of doom saying that the BERZERKER LEGION is coming! "A World In Despair" is a forceful Death drive that keeps the pedal to the metal the entire way.

The savage instrumentals are bone crushing and accentuated by eviscerating vocal work. About midway through the track, a heavy groove riff just makes you want to headbang before exploding back to the driving force of the song. "Obliterate The Weak" starts with a heavy groove riff that is paired with deep vocals giving the track a very Doom-like feel. The track reminds me of a devilish battle cry that you would hear in the midst of a medieval battle. It again brings up the imagery of a dark overwhelming force in which there is no escape. That force consumes you throughout the track. "King Of All Masters" is very down-tempo compared to the rest of the songs but doesn't lose any of its power. It transports you to the bowels of Hell with sludgy riffs and vocals that are really emphasized as the focal point in this track. It gives the song an overwhelming power but also provides a small respite in mid album to collect yourself after the fast paced force that you were subjected to earlier in the album.

"A Lurking Evil" begins with a wall of sound created by in single chord before exploding into an insane riff that sends you instantly on a bullet ride into the depths of evil. The instrumentals in this track are fast-paced but the vocal work moves at a slower tempo giving a feel of uneasiness through the song. Your mind is confused about which layer it wants to follow which creates an interesting ambiance to the track. The instrumentals on this track are very well crafted and executed. "Death Euphoria" concludes the album. It is one last forceful track to leave wandering in the depths of the destruction that BERZERKER LEGION has just unleashed on your mind. The riffs in this song are powerful and you can hear layers of higher guitar work if you listen closely. This is an interesting tactic to use because in the majority of music the higher pitched instrumentals are generally easier to hear but the layer them under the overwhelming force of the other instrumentals forcing you to listen more intently to decipher those layers. This is a difficult objective to pull off but I think they did this masterfully because the more intently that you listen to the track, the more immersed you become as well.

BERZERKER LEGION has just made a statement with "Obliterate The Weak". They are telling the metal world that they will be a force to be reckoned with and I think that is a good interpretation of this album. The power that this band provides is exceptional. It’s unrelenting and refined. These veterans of Death Metal have found a new banner and I can only see their influence and notoriety spreading throughout the Metal community. This album is one that I will be adding to many of my playlists and I encourage you to give it a listen or two and then add it to yours! And as always there are more tracks on the album that you should experience for yourself. So definitely go check this one out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Rise of the Berzerkers
2. A World In Despair
3. I Am The Legion
4. Of Blood And Ash
5. Obliterate The Weak
6. The Falling Dawn
7. The King Of All Masters
8. Upon The Throne Of Mortem
9. A Lurking Evil
10. In The Name Of The Father
11. Death Euphoria (CD exclusive bonus track)
Tomas Elofsson – Guitar
Alwin Zuur – Guitar
Jonny Pettersson – Vocals
Fredrik Isaksson – Bass
James Stewart – Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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