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Besieged – Violence Beyond All Reason

Violence Beyond All Reason
by Horatiu Ghibu at 21 July 2022, 12:36 PM

Under the motto thrash ain't trash, Canadian band BESIEGED, prove that you can stick to your guns and be awesome even in a world where metal and rock are losing ground day by day. With artwork provided by none other than the king of thrash metal art ED REPKA, "Violence Beyond All Reason" is the new 7 track record by the 3 some from North America. Someone really loves old school SEPULTURA in this trio and you'll get to feel and hear it all along the recording.

Starting off with "Last Chance", the band keeps the same trajectory until "Path To Defy"  included.  Production wise, you would expect a bit more from this group, as they come from the "chosen" continent when it comes to studio ear candy. Well, you'll be kinda disappointed, as the tracks are very milky and unfocused. I understand the intention of creating an 1987 kind of vibe, but unfortunately only the music does that. The sound is pretty muddy although the accuracy is there. All clichés have been respected by the book: standard screams, gallop drum rhythms, fast changing riffs and odd leads or wacky guitar solos. Perfect for head banging, each song maintains the same alert tempo with no surprises. The vision upon the subject is pretty limited. "One World Coma" and "Decent Into Despotism" mark the most intense moment of this album. "Testaments" is one of those overkill songs that only "special" fans will truly enjoy. So instead of this final track to leave our ears ringing with a cool catchy riff or some obsessive chorus, it will just leave you stunned by the chaotic arrangements chosen. Pretty well executed, taking into account also that we only have a gang of 3, the songs have theoretically all it would take to make up an excellent thrash album. It's just a bit too dusty and the way they have copied almost every trick and lick from their forefathers is annoying at some point.

Thrash never seems to go out of style and there are always acts out there keeping the spirit alive. Luckily there are also devoted fans with each new generation. BESIEGED will please the average thrasher with their latest album, although it doesn't bring any new vision to the genre, it just flies the flag up high. It should not be missed though by old school soldiers, even if the Canadians bring nothing new on the western front. Give it a spin and it might spin you!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Last Chance
2. Paragons Of Brutality
3. Violence Beyond All Reason
4. Path To Defy
5. One World Coma
6. Decent Into Despotism
7. Testaments
Nolan Smit – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Tober  – Bass
Tristan Smit – Drums
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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