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Bestia Ater - Anno Bestia Chrysallis

Bestia Ater
Anno Bestia Chrysallis
by Justin Joseph at 16 March 2022, 12:21 AM

As time goes on we usually discover new ways in which emotions can be imprinted onto works of art, the quest to find the means where we can instil a fragment of our consciousness onto something so still thereby imbuing onto it a sort of immortality. Be it a sonnet, a painting, or sculptor created from calloused hands, the true pen or carving knife is not what is held between the fingers rather what gives it shape is what is contained within oneself. Such is also the same where aggression is concerned, for even like sorrow, once it flows from veins that are not hollow, whatever is forged will be most earnest in its birth.

This leads me to today’s review, more specifically, the album, “Anno Bestia Chrysallis” by BESTIA ATER, a Death Metal release that harkens back to the roots of the genre where the bloodlines that run deep within the soil are tapped and extracted to conjure this musical output. But merely saying that the album pays homage to the genre is an injustice to the prowess that is displayed here, for it is not a carbon copy of what was once before, rather it channels the genre, using it as a conduit to expel a goliathan atmosphere that is erected upon malice and hate. In other words, “Anno Bestia Chrysallis” is not just a Death Metal album, instead it can be likened to the contemptuous malevolence that scratches at the surface buried beneath the prison carved from flesh, the venom that sears the mind that seeks to be released…. BESTIA ATER successfully captures this essence and transfigures it into that of sound.

The strings and percussions, the way the patterns that are fashioned from the musical architecture is what gives "ANNO BESTIA CHRYSALLIS" its visceral nature, songs such as "Div E Sefid" and "Forneus" possess a serpentine candour to its playing where the energy of the songs can shift between intricate moments to more chaotic unhinged quality.  From my listening experience, it is the transference of the tempo as well as the aggression that bestows upon the album a rather inhuman feature. Leading onto another highlight upon the album, the vocals, which elevates the atmosphere to a new level, for the voice that resonates within this monument carved from the notes dispelled by the instrumentation, is imbued with an unbridled energy that is enough to desecrate a sanctimonious citadel. "Gusion" is a track which showcases the versatility of the vox, where the tempo of the register can adopt a frenetic and feverish pace but also shift towards a sauntering, creeping motion. But besides breathing life into the atmosphere birthed by the instruments, it is the flow of both variables that is quite impressive, for the two aspects even though they emit a different shape of aggression, they both integrate into each other seamlessly leading into a rather potent listening experience.

The realm of Death Metal has been built off the backs of many legendary bands, some of those bands even spawning a newer generation who take its energy and keep its spirit burning forevermore. Where BESTIA ATER comes in is that even though their sound may not fit the mold of modern Death Metal but also their craft does not necessarily tread new territories, this isn't actually negative for in my opinion, "ANNO BESTIA CHRYSALLIS" can be viewed from the perspective of an album that proves that the older ways of creating Death Metal is just as effective as it was before. In other words, it is because of BESTIA ATER's talent of bending the waves of malevolence towards their will, to fashion art from the furnace where a bellicosity spirit dwells, but to do so in a rather archaic way which emits a primal-like aura is why I would recommend this album to any Death Metal fan or newcomers to the genre.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Div E Sefid
2. Emma O
3. Forneus
4. Gusion
5. Haures
6. Ipos
7. Jezebeth
8. Krampus
Dinko Dimov - Bass, Vocals
Kiril Kirilov - Vocals
Villy Neshev - Guitars
Ivo “The Jeep” Ivanov - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Records


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Edited 27 January 2023

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