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Bestial Deform - ...Ad Leones

Bestial Deform
...Ad Leones
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 October 2016, 9:58 AM

Death Metal must be the Metal style that has the greatest number of bands. No kidding, because every week a new band from this genre appears, bringing something from the old spirit of the style, or something new. Of course, not all of them are really good, but some are excellent. From Russian lands (St. Petersburg, to be exact), comes a very good name: BESTIAL DEFORM, distilling their musical violence with their newest album, called “…Ad Leones.” They’re into a violent and traditional way of Death Metal, with its inspiration coming from bands such as MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and old albums from DEATH. But let’s be honest, these guys are destroying hearing since 1990, one year when the cursed Berlin Wall went down and socialism/communism was dethroned there. They have guts, and maybe the remembrance of those days under oppression is the key for their oppressive music, with very good technical level, and that is really lovely.

Get on the stage, and get smashed by their music! The sound quality of the album tries to keep their old school Death Metal identity, and it really fits, but without tearing the necessary clarity. You’ll feel their brutality and aggressive music, but understand what they are doing. Their best killings: the ferocious and technical “In Maxillis Bestia” (with very good drumming and excellent chorus), the bitter slow tempos of “Chariots” (but some fast moments are presented as well, in a very good exhibition of the guitar riffs), the abrasive vocals and bass guitar playing on the brutal “Symbol of Salvation,” the hooking violence of the tempos on “Together We’ll Destroy the World,” the excellent guitar massacre imposed on “Severed to Pieces” (showing very good rhythmic changes and good aggressiveness), and the nasty melodic scent shown on “I Am Alone. I Exist. I Am God.” It’s a very, very good show of musical violence and brutality from these veterans.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ad Patres (intro)
2. In Maxillis Bestia
3. Chariots
4. Symbol of Salvation
5. Spirit. Rage. Flash
6. Together We’ll Destroy the World
7. Severed to Pieces
8. Hoc Est
9. I Am Alone. I Exist. I Am God
10. Christianos Ad Leones
Kirill Ulanenkov - Guitars, vocals
Alexey Veselov - Guitars
Dmitry Galkin - Bass, guitars
Anton Fedeha - Drums
Record Label: Satanath Records


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