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Bestial Devastator - Until Death Occurs

Beastial Devastator
Until Death Occurs
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 December 2018, 1:48 AM

Thrash/Black Metal is an old Metal genre. It was born, basically, when the new bands from the 80’s got influences from VENOM lyrics and music and expanded limits. It’s not a sin to say that it was born in Germany by the hands of DESTRUCTION, SODOM and KREATOR, but never forgetting that HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST gave a huge contribution for the genre as well. But to make again and again what they already done and is here for the future generations is an offense. And the German trio BESTIAL DEVASTATOR is offending the intelligence of many with “Until Death Occurs…”.

It’s just a Black/Thrash Metal recollection of many clichés from the 80’s, a disgusting wannabe that thinks trying to carry on the work of others. Again: those names above already left their musical inheritance for Metal, and trying to do things as they did is not homage, but a great offense and a loss of time, efforts and money. Everything here sounds like the trio was telling “mommy, I am a band of the 80’s”, and they aren’t and will never be.

The sound quality is another feature that reeks as a copy: that hollow and disgusting production, without power, just to fit on the past. And the calendar shows that it’s almost 2019, not 1985! It’s crude and raw in a way that the ancients did due their lack of better conditions, not because they wanted that! Again: try to hire Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST to produce, mix and master on the next time, because he knows how to make the sound powerful and organic at the same time.

To hear “Until Death Occurs…” is a very boring experience. Eight tracks of the purest carbon copy you can find on the music stores (one is just an intro). All the tracks are annoying, a vain try to be a new SODOM or DESTRUCTION from the past (and even like DARKTHRONE in many parts). “Arisen from the Crypts”, “Fire, Leather and Hell” (boring…), “Conquering the Towers” (good ideas are shown on the guitars, but the need to copy HELLHAMMER is stronger than anything), and “Cult of Darkness” (a good work from bass guitar and drums, but the lack of a better sound quality took the weight of their efforts) are songs with some bits of good ideas buried under this need that the trio bears to be a “band from the 80’s” (if you weren’t there on those days, sorry, but trying to do that again is a joke of very bad taste).

“Until Death Occurs…” is a loss of time. Better look for another band and albums…

Originality: 2
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. Arisen from the Crypts
2. Fire, Leather and Hell
3. Conquering the Towers
4. …of Tyrants and Wolves
5. The Summoning
6. Blackened Fire
7. Cult of Darkness
8. Beneath the Gallows
9. Until Death Occurs
Infernal Aggressor - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Eviscerator - Guitars
Abyss - Drums
Record Label: Desecration of Souls


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Edited 29 March 2023

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