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Bestialord - Law Of The Burning

Law Of The Burning
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 06 March 2018, 6:32 AM

BESTIALORD spawned in October 2016, in Wichita, Kansas (USA), from Mark Anderson (MANILLA ROAD, SANCTUS INFERNUM), and Chris Johnson (SANCTUS INFERNUM), before Rob Harris then joined on bass. Their style is described as ‘Occult Horror Doom’ inspired by different influences, such as CELTIC FROST, CANDLEMASS, BLACK SABBATH, MORBID ANGEL and many others. BESTIALORD released their album “Law of the Burning” on the first day of the new year (2018) with nine tracks, said to mimic a Lovecraftian atmosphere along with bluesy solos. In this release, we can see artwork by Erskine Designs.

The first track “The Doom That Came”, sucked me in like quicksand, with its catchy riffs circulating and consistent like a conveyer-belt, with crisp, clear sounds of each instrument. In particular, the vocals were clear to hear, as well as the lyrics. This track has a nicely concise and yet powerful effect. “Vermin” has an interestingly metallic sounding guitar solo that could sound out of place, but actually works. Similarly gritty solos are used throughout the rest of the album and create a feeling of un-ease. “Law of the Burning” begins straight away with jumpy rhythms on the drums and guitars, carrying on darker versions of thrash-styles, and classic influences.

“I Am Pain” involves metallic, tin-like solos that match the screechy sounds throughout the song. Vocal lyrics are clear, sharing doom-laden, hopeless stories. Vocals add to the rhythm of the song, making an effectively head-bang worthy performance. The lyrics in “Loathed Be Thy Name” involves demonic and dystopian imagery and goes further into the dark stories of this album. An impressive, bluesy guitar solo adds some space to this song, and intertwines well with the persistent bass-ridden riffs that carry on the classic, crusty rhythm. “What is the End” is the final track, beginning with a great sense of doom, with slowed guitar tones, and a rhythm that consistently ends on a note of church bells. The metallic, tin sounding guitars come in for another grim solo. Speed and rhythm changes very little throughout, slowing down the momentum of the album, into a stretched, sense of doom.

In “Law of the Burning”, BESTIALORD retain a classically old-school, catchy style, reminiscent of early 90s black metal influences. Their doom-laden, gritty atmosphere echoes on their lovecraftian inspirations, while unique guitar solos add a metallic edge and sense of un-ease. Unlike other bands in the genre, I found the lyrics easier to hear and understand, helping paint more of a picture of the dark atmosphere through the grim vocabulary. They are also relatively slow in speed, making more impact with their lyrics, and gloomy sound.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Doom That Came
2. Vermin
3. All Fall Down
4. Law Of The Burning
5. Marduk Kurios
6. I Am Pain
7. Loathed Be Thy Name
8. Above The Vaulted Sky
9. What Is The End
Mark Anderson - Vocals & Guitar
Rob Harris - Bass
Chris Johnson - Drums
Record Label: Symbol of Domination


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