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Betraying The Martyrs - The Resilient Award winner

Betraying The Martyrs
The Resilient
by Anton Sanatov at 18 June 2017, 7:15 AM

“I came, I saw, I conquered”. Julius Caesar

Power…the gift that gives it all. Our definitions of it may vary, but our want for it is universal, and once we come to recognise its possession, there’s no telling how strong it may become.

Greatness is a thing of cultivation. It is doesn’t matter how mighty one is destined to be, without strive, without progression, even the utmost genetically embedded of abilities will yield no eminence, and when it comes to bands, one can always discern a collective who are truly invested in their craft and who are constantly aiming to refine their sound. Of course, the apex of one’s power is never reached, but as long as the stepping-stones lead upward, the results shall follow, and on their latest effort “The Resilient” French Metalcore giants BETRAYING THE MARTYRS are looking down at their contemporaries from great heights.

“The Resilient” takes you from the battlefield to the amphitheatre. As the record oscillates between formidable brutality and progressive theatricality it creates a monstrously enchanting listening experience that brings you to the edge of that velvet seat at every act. From the imperialist authority of behemoths like “Lost For Words” and “The Great Disillusion”, which see the band weave ethereal atmospheres through a regal march of gargantuan riffs, to the glistening, icy keyboards and symphonic undertones of groovy legionnaires like “(Dis)Connected”, “Behind the Glass” and “Ghost” that crystallise the breath-taking essence of this record and lead you past the phantoms of the opera and into the heart of darkness.

The songwriting on this album is purely monumental; every track appears to be carved from marble and no space is left free of intrinsic musical strokes. The hooks are huge, the compositions are sonically elaborate, the production is revelatory and the instrumental work (particularly the keyboards and guitars) is simply an indulgent Metal enterprise. Tracks like the poignant, melody-driven ballad “Take Me Back” and the stylish, piano-driven noir masterpiece that is “Won’t Back Down” (I continue to be in awe of this song) showcase a band whose musicianship is growing by the minim and see BETRAYING THE MARTYRS engineer a new organic strain amidst the species of ‘-core’ genres - or better yet, just become a thoroughbred specimen of pure modern Metal; a white-fanged alpha that has shed off any and all labels and affiliations in favour of a melodious constitution.

Overall – this record is not just your average offspring of Metal nature, it is an environmental force. BETRAYING THE MARTYRS’ latest endeavour is a mesmerizing opus that is as captivating as it is assaulting, but more importantly, it is one that offers something that goes far beyond the traits of a good record – and that is a chilling, inspiring effervescence that can only discovered on genuine musical frontiers. Indeed, this record may quite certainly be a contender for one of the year’s best, but it is much more than that, for “The Resilient” is not just a compilation of songs, it is a statement of reputable strength and a promise of unstoppable growth; it is an evolution in the making.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Lost For Words
2. Take Me Back
3. The Great Disillusion
4. Dying to Live
5. The Resilient
6. Unregistered
7. Won’t Back Down
8. (Dis)Connected
9. Behind the Glass
10. Waste My Time
11. Ghost
12. Wide Awake
Vocals - Aaron Matts
Keyboards/Vocals - Victor Guillet
Guitar - Baptiste Vigier
Guitar - Lucas D'angelo
Bass - Valentin Hauser
Drums - Boris Le Gal
Record Label: Sumerian Records


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