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Bettyoetker - Barricades

by Jessica Pearman at 18 August 2014, 10:47 PM

BETTYOETKER, self-proclaimed Hard Rock Punkers from Germany, released their demo album “Barricades” in mid-April of 2014. The demo album is six tracks and brings a playtime of roughly 30 minutes. As much as I have distaste for any type of punk, I think these guys are only punk through their vocalist. While there is a few punk elements scattered throughout, including some variations of the vocals, I think the music is more hard rock turn screamo with even heavier components.

As I listened through the album a few times, the music confusion subsided and I began to understand the music more and it became quite evident that I was really digging the sound “Barricades” provides. They are a talented group of musicians and create work that would appeal to many Metalheads.

The demo album starts with the title track “Barricades”. It starts with a screamed vocal that brings in an unbeatable bass line that starts in “Barricades” and doesn’t end until the final track “Resbak”. The bass absolutely kills it. This is where the punk aspects of the album are put to the test, because you just don’t hear this kind of bass play in a full on punk band. It brings a heavier and darker sound that is refreshing. I love hearing bass as being an incremental part of the writing. Track two, “48-18” and track five “Downfall of Man II” are bass heaven.

The guitars also shine high. It is the fast, brutal, hard-hitting riffs that hook the listener in and keep them wanting more. This is that kind of guitar work. They are low to work best with the bass lines throughout the album. They have some incredible solo work as well. Even the smallest sections of work are written extremely well. The final track “Resbak” is a glorious piece of guitar work. They also work astonishingly will with the drums. The drum work is done really well throughout the album. Just when the blast beat that is found in much heavier metal gets to it’s over welcome point, they change it up to break the monotony. The drums are done with great precision to avoid it from being overwhelming and done so beautifully.

“Barricades” is a great demo album. The music is blended perfectly. The vocals I can take them or leave them, but the rest of the music is phenomenal and deserves a fair shot. This is a glorious album.

4 Star Rating

1. Barricades
2. 48-18
3. Burn Through The Shield
4. Sullen Eyes
5. Downfall of Man II
6. Resbak
Giulio – Drums
Eddie – Vocals
Marco – Bass
Benno – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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