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Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic: Live Award winner

Between The Buried And Me
Coma Ecliptic: Live
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 04 June 2017, 10:05 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME; signed via Metal Blade Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Progressive Metal, on their 2nd Live Album entitled: “Coma Ecliptic: Live”.

Since formation in the turn of the millennium; the quintet in question have 8 studio albums behind them; I'm introduced to their 2nd Live audition of “Coma Ecliptic” (their 8th studio album in its entirety). Surprised to see the quartet perform their latest record in full; I still went in with high expectations, knowing this will be one of those delightfully unprecedented records of an intricately produced design. Hearing good things from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME by other critics; I finally have a legit reason to bestow myself onto this band, and oh boy – this may well brush aside my original opinion about Prog Metal ultimately, 11 constructive songs, ranging at around 68:31 I enjoyed a solid slab of distinctively well done Prog that's both entertaining and enlightening for that elegant unbeknownst discovery. Opening with “Node”; I am already stunned at how the band incorporate a diverse array of instrumental bliss.

Consisting of the complex, dexterous duo from Dustie Waring & Paul Waggoner…the twosome consistently showcases a rhythmic flair of an unparalleled formulaic. Delicately intriguing me as we continue on with “The Coma Machine”; formulating an electrical energy while balancing the spectacle, conceptual…as it details one man's descent into a coma; within a coma, within a coma…and his experiences with past problems within that slumber.

The musicianship here is quite astounding, and even the vocalization from Tommy Rogers is spot on – varying from clean, to high-pitched & adaptively hardcore which reminiscences from their previous entries…those Metalcore days are slightly still delivered but are very miniscule as the progressive elements overtake that incentive. “Dim Ignition” is the shortest song on the record at 2:24, providing a furious, galloping leap in which showcases Tommy's keyboardist attributes. This is where I found myself more excited; as the electronica implementations efficiently composes an organic aesthetic of Prog glory. “Famine Wolf” culminates more sufficiency with atmospheric finesse, where the succulent powerhouse from Dan Briggs on bass & Blake Richardson on drums develop an immense sound production with hard-hitting drum smashing & pummeling bass sound that captivates you with a stimulating effect.

King Redeem/Queen Serene” slows things down with an unique substance; providing more adroit songwriting grace, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME intellectualizes in transcending Metal into a less obvious structure while exercising in variety distinctively in comparison. “Turn On The Darkness” continues to show off the band's flourishing proficiency, the artistic nature here is second to none orchestrating divinely conducted pianist components and some hardcore growls.

The Ectopic Stroll” begins with eclectic progression, more pianist segments and immense riffs, this part of the record stems with more divine adaptively & prominence - doing the sub-genre with precise justice. “Rapid Calm” is in the title; distributing more captivating executions, and utmost coherency, it's quite pleasant to see a band transition themselves into a more sequential one…dominating the scene while influencing Metal fans such as myself to open minds to the best of their abilities. Concluding “Coma Ecliptic: Live” with the final 3 tracks “Memory Palace”, “Option Oblivion” & “Life In Velvet”; I am overall compelled to say that BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME outdone themselves with this one, even though this was my first record by them – I can guarantee that even if you love the most extreme Metal, and need something unmatched, this here band will surely satisfy your needs.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Sound Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Node
2. The Coma Machine
3. Dim Ignition
4. Famine Wolf
5. King Redeem / Queen Serene
6. Turn On The Darkness
7. The Ectopic Stroll
8. Rapid Calm
9. Memory Palace
10. Option Oblivion
11. Life In Velvet
Dan Briggs - Bass
Blake Richardson - Drums
Tommy Rogers - Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Waggoner - Guitar
Dustie Waring - Guitar
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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