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Between Worlds - Between Worlds Award winner

Between Worlds
Between Worlds
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 01 November 2021, 1:39 PM

From time to time, musicians become tired of working in bands where they aren’t linked to leadership (in other words, where they’re not the leaders, and it’s not a matter of ego). This can be the reason that explains why some musicians work with a team of invited musicians instead of starting a new band. Of course we don’t know the reasons for an experienced musician as the North American singer Ronny Munroe for creating a project as BETWEEN WORLDS, but the fact is that what’s heard on “Between Worlds”, the band’s first album, is really very good.

For all that aren’t familiar to Ronny’s works, he’s voice is famous for singing on bands as METAL CHURCH, PEACEMAKER, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and others. And on this release, his ideas converge for a form of Melodic North American Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (a commercial derivative of US Metal), full of those excellent melodic hooks and choruses, but always in an elegant form that is full of weight and good musical arrangements, and with influences of AOR. The musical genre presented on the album isn’t something that wasn’t done before, but it’s amazing in the way it’s played.

The sonority is almost perfect, with everything in their due places, and with a good choice for the instrumental tunes as well. And the guests: Alessandro Del Vecchioon the keyboards and backing vocals, Pete Alpenborg on the rhythm guitar, Jack Frost on the lead guitars, Alex Jansen on the bass, Michele Sanna on the drums, and John Lee Middleton on the bass on “No Escape”, Joel Hoekstra on the lead guitar on “Soul Chaser”, and Chris Caffery on lead guitars on “No Escape” and “Scent of an Angel”.

All the songs are really excellent, but to take a bit on what “Between Worlds” offers on the AOR heavy essence of “Between Worlds” and “These Walls” (due the great guitar riffs and solos), the accessible ambiences of “Times of Change” (excellent vocals and backing vocals, and what lovely chorus), the abrasive melodies of “Soul Chaser” (another great moment from the vocals), the catchy charm of “Beautiful Disaster” (the feeling of the 80’s is impossible to resist), and “Beneath the Surface” (what a solid and good work from bass guitar and drums). These are just to begin with, because this album becomes an addiction on the second listen!

Well, I’d like to wish to Ronny all the luck on this new work, and I hope that “Between Worlds” wont’ be just the unique work of BETWEEN WORLDS.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Between Worlds
2. These Walls
3. Life Enough for Me
4. Times of Change
5. No Escape
6. Soul Chaser
7. Scent of an Angel
8. Beautiful Disaster
9. Flip the Script
10. Beneath the Surface
11. Calm Before the Storm
Ronny Munroe - Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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