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Bewitched - Spiritual Warfare (CD)

Spiritual Warfare
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 06 April 2007, 10:56 AM

BEWITCHED is an extremely fucking cool Swedish band that shook the whole world back in 1996 with the breakthrough new retro thrash album Diabolical Desecration. Since then they have released so many quality piece of metal work, that makes them one of my favourite new metal bands. Their top work according to my opinion is At The Gates Of Hell but on the other hand  Spiritual Warfare sounds as a natural follower of the Rise of the Antichrist album and this is hellishly nice indeed.
Now BEWITCHED make their comeback with another sinister, black, evil, unholy and dark album. The 10 tracks from this album show their might, aggression and yet their will to offer us quality retro or neo (call it whatever ya want) thrash music. As it already well known BEWITCHED parted ways with Osmose Productions back in 2002 and signed a new deal with Regain Records.
This album mostly combine elements from the Rise of the Antichrist  and  Diabolical Desecration era of this mega band. In the 45 minutes of this album you will be haunted and surrounded by sounds of chaos, hell, aggression while the band reveals some of its blackest and mysterious side. Mysterious atmosphere, evil spells ultrasonic disintegration - you name it - everything is self evident here.
The opening track Fucked By Fire blows your mind in 666 from the very first notes and the slaughter goes on and on throughout the record. In my opinion Vargher Inc. wanted to create a more direct and old fashioned type of sound fuelled by aggression and hell cult fire - something which has been achieved in my opinion. Some of the albums composition could have been more imaginative but the whole sound testimony is fucking satisfactory for sure. The overall albums rolls on, in a extremely speed tempo which is devastating from time to time. If you want to listen to something direct invasive and metal melting your brain here is your chance to dig into Spiritual Warfare.
This CD contains the familiar BEWITCHED quality but it sometimes fails to flow really free and easily like other past albums in the likes of Diabolical Desecration or At The Gates Of Hell for example. Maybe the whole approach here is more experimental dark and primitive, so the whole result differs from past work. On the other hand if you already are a fan of the BEWITCHED way of music then there is no need to have second thoughts on this album. It is guaranteed to give ya pleasure in the well known demonic BEWITCHED way.
Highlights of this album can be considered - amongst the other - the following ones: Fucked By Fire, Glorious Are The Ways Of Death, Malevolent Force Of Destruction and  My Skin Loves The Steel.

3 Star Rating

Fucked By Fire
Let Darkness Come
He Is In Me
Black Burning Hatred
Glorious Are The Ways Of Death
Malevolent Force Of Destruction
This Is Goodbye
My Skin Loves The Steel
Spiritual Warfare
Vargher - Guitars & the Devil's tounge
A. Hellfire - Guitars & Chants
Wrathyr - Bass & Voice of Death
Marc Malice - Drums
J.C. - Ending fire on Fucked by Fire
Rev. Stan Lee - Bells on Heisinme
Record Label: Regain Records


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