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Beyond Belief - Rave The Abyss (Reissue)

Beyond Belief
Rave The Abyss (Reissue)
by JOGANEGAR at 17 April 2017, 11:11 AM

Referred as one of the initiators of Dutch doom Metal, BEYOND BELIEF was founded in 1986 and according to the date and to the well layered sound obtained in this reissue of “Rave The Abyss” a record initially released in 1995 they might as well be so.

The album’s release followed the disintegration of the band, but BEYOND BELIEF managed to resurge again from the ashes of anonymity in the year of 2004 and Hammerheart Records got around to the reissue of their two full length albums last at the end of last year. The way in which the guitar tuning adds up to the pace established by the rhythm section of this band is a good example of the form and shape of an almost religious gut to execute Doom, Sludge and what some have called Stoner Metal even.

I have to say I quite enjoyed the opening track, and being a major horror film fan, I immediately pictured this song as the perfect soundtrack for some of George Romero’s or even some of Dario Argento’s most shocking sequences. The way in which the voice is layered under the rest of the instruments in this record denotes a well achieved production strategy that has a certain effect provoked on its audience depending on which track you are listening to , the same as a well portrayed horror film based on a classic would do. I could imagine Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr Hyde or Dr. Frankenstein yelling “It’s alive, it’s alive!!!!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs with every relenteless riff and chord progression, like in the track “Blood Beach”. The energy flowing through this song would make Masaru Emoto proud, as the frequencies could expand any molecule without any further effort.

The essence and objective of this reissue is achieved thoroughly as the token of BEYOND BELIEF’s return to the metal scene; I couldn’t quite make sure what is the band up to, and just some references on the web acquaints for this reissue, little current info and not an actual official website make this band even more mysterious, with a feel similar to what BRUJERIA did when they first started, sans the decapitated heads. The structure of the second song “Cursed” allows for a haunting progression of sounds stitched together like the body of Frankenstein’s monster and once again the way the voice and the different instrument are moved from foreground to background is very interesting for the seasoned listener and all those Metal Heads that are actual audio freaks too.

For me every song has a different energy to it, maybe for the not so devote fans of pre female vocals Doom bands, a record like this may fall into monotony, but once you get to notice the different effects and the production method to enhace different elements of the band’s execution you will see why a record company would reissue a record like this, a necessary element to fully understand metal evolution through the decade of the nineties.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Rave The Abyss
2. Cursed
3. Blood Beach
4. High On The Moon
5. The Burning Of Redlands
6. Crushed Divine
7. The Grand Enigma
8. Tyrants Of The Sun
AJ van Drenth - Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian Längerer - Guitar
Jacko Westendorp - Drums
Ronnie van der Wey - Bass
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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