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Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution Award winner

Beyond Creation
Earthborn Evolution
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 04 November 2014, 9:31 PM

Canadian Progressive/Technical Death Metal titans, BEYOND CREATION, return with the evolution of humankind through Season Of Mist. "Earthborn Evolution" is full of killer riffs, gnarly vocals, destructive drums and you guessed it, badass fretless bass. One thing that has always stood out to me with this band, outside of the fact that their Canadian which means 90% of the lyrics is them saying "sorry," is the fact that the bass is as dominant as every other instrument instead of being weak sounding or overpowering. If you like Tech Death, or bass, or Metal read on. If you're not gonna read on, why did you even start?

Welcome to a devastated world in need of evolution, allow BEYOND CREATION to be your guide. "Elusive Psychological Reverence" will be our first stop, a song that'll welcome you with a nice little section before getting truly heavy. Everything feels like a bass solo with the power of the fretless bass, the vocal patterns are incredible Simon Girard has a style not many can pull off with higher growls and well as killer lows. When I say "higher growls" I don't mean Deathcore style screams or even most of their vocals I mean some demonic sounding shit, the kind of stuff you'd hear from a possessed body during an exorcism. The chorus of this track features an alternating style riff that both guitars and the bass harmonize on and the outcome is incredible and beautiful (for Death Metal). "Earthborn Evolution" our title track opens with a clean riff and some awesome bass work, after a few bars the second guitar kicks in and does its own heavy thing, with the original clean riff continuing through part the song. The sound the clean riff adds under the growling vocals and distorted heavy guitar and monstrous drums offers a unique sound that I personally really liked. About halfway through the song it breaks, allowing for a breather before getting heavy again and making you headbang. That's right, it makes you! Nearer to the end of the song there's a guitar solo that sounds unlike anything you've probably ever hears before, using a ton of different techniques to create a memorable sound. In the last minute of the song, there's a great little bass "solo" that makes me want to go out and pick up a bass; every bass player ever should idol Dominic Lapointe.

This is one album that doesn't lose its way as you go, every song is just as strong as the last if not better. Technical Death Metal is always hard to do well and when you find a band that does it right its unreal how incredible it sound, BEYOND CREATION are the evolution of Death Metal, with what a spectacular release "Earthborn Evolution" is you won't want to miss out on this!

5 Star Rating

1. Elusive Psychological Reverence
2. Sous La Lueur De L'Empereur
3. Earthborn Evolution
4. The Great Revelation
5. Neurotical Transmissions
6. Abstrait Dialog
7. The Axiom
8. L'Exorde
9. Theatrical Delirium
10. Fundamental Process
Simon Girard - Vocals, Guitars
Kevin Chartre - Guitars
Dominic Lapointe - Bass
Philippe Boucher - Drums
Record Label: Season of Mist


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