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Beyond Descripton - An Elegy For Depletion

Beyond Descripton
An Elegy For Depletion
by Stephanie Hensley at 19 August 2013, 4:01 PM

Though they have been around since 1988, somehow BEYOND DESCRIPTION have managed to fly under the radar for the most part it seems. Beginning as a hardcore punk band, they have over the years transitioned to a more Hardcore / Thrash sound. BEYOND DESCRIPTION might not necessarily reinvent the wheel of Thrash Metal, but their aggression, speed and brutality begs for a circle in the mosh pit.

Having honed their niche in Thrash, AN ELEGY FOR DEPLETION is a worthy representation of this band’s talents. Shredding guitars are given on all eleven tracks by Yasunari Honda with riffs that pack their own ferocity. Not to be outdone, bassist Yusuke Adachi adds his own thundering attack on the bass, and Hiroshi Yoshioka keeps the speed ever ascending on the drums. Channeling his inner James Hetfield, Hideyuki Okahara is relentless and passionate as he growls out lyrics in the angriest Japanese I’ve heard.

From the opening track, BEYOND DESCRIPTION show you what you are in store for.  “Absurd” packs a heavy punch of high energy, speed and blinding fury. All but the final track contain the majority of this same driving, unfaltering speed, except for the closing instrumental “Depletion” which was a surprising sobering end to such an otherwise lightning fast album.  At about the middle of the album, “Arbitrage” stands out with its own intensity, some unexpected effects, timing and timing changes. Very vaguely it had some reminders of METALLICA’s “Four Horsemen”. “Shut” became a favorite with the intensity of the drums including the surprising drum focus at the center of the song. Bold and daring, “Provocation” does just as the title insinuates with searing rhythms and guttural vocals.

Fans of D.R.I., early era METALLICA, MUNICIPLE WASTE, and SEPULTURA will really enjoy BEYOND DESCRIPTION. Their latest offering AN ELEGY FOR DEPLETION is packed with such high intensity, when that last note fades you will find yourself hitting repeat, hungry and hunting for some of their older releases, or both. If you need some angry music to mosh to, headbang to, play air guitar too, this album is highly recommended.

4 Star Rating

1. Absurd
2. Fossilize
3. Potential
4. Bridge
5. Arbitrage
6. Provocation
7. Shut
8. Individuality
9. Purpose
10. Drip
11. Depletion
Hideyuki Okahara - Vocals
Yasunari Honda - Guitar
Yusuke Adachi – Bass
Hiroshi Yoshioka – Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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