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Beyond Deth – Accept Your Fate Award winner

Beyond Deth
Accept Your Fate
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 10 August 2020, 10:52 AM

BEYOND DETH return from the studio with their second album in as many years. Known, by themselves for being Fast, Aggressive, Raw and steadily evolving, it will be interesting to hear what this album is like, what it contains. Let’s find out.

Open the Gates” kicks off the album without having any slow intro-styled instrumental. No, this is frantic, raw and so far as they have claimed themselves to be.

Live Again” doesn’t start off where the intro left off, it goes thicker, more like BOLT THROWER style on the instrumentalists. The vocals kick in with also a BT feel about them too, also mixed with an AMON AMARTH speed controlling the vocals. The overall pace is good, its fluid and doesn’t slow down for anyone. It will certainly keep the heads banging and feet tapping. It’s exactly what you want to hear a starter song on this kinda Blackened Thrash album. Great start.

Infernal Dreams” continues the fast pace that seemingly shows no signs of declining. The control of the song is great, they really allow space for expression and expansion, but keeping it close together to create the melodies we are hearing.  The change of harmonies works wonders to adding more depth into the song. The tempo is being controlled brilliantly and just allowing us to enjoy what’s going on, no bullshit, no random crap thrown in, just Blackened Thrash is its finest form.

Servants” has another completely different sounding melody to fill our ears, no repeats. The pits will open up. The AMON AMARTH styles can be heard again, but if you’re already a fan, like myself, of those guys then you’re gonna be loving this. The control is once more fantastic, the melodies coming out are nothing short of brilliant. the song allows you to be sucked in and never presuming it will change from the melodic beauty it shows, but it does change, it gets heavier, more experimental and just grows.

Endless Repent” takes off from where the previous song left off, building up the pace and tempo once more. This one has gone into SLIPKNOT old styles of twists and turns on the intro, it’s a good twist. Its different again to everything we have heard so far, and I think its brilliantly done. These guys can really mix it up. They can easily become the next big thing for our playlists. I already love this album

Astral Invasion” slows things down, kind of, but the melodies seem more aggressive. How the hell are they doing this? The song seems even more raw on the vocals and yet, more melodic on the instrumental perspectives. The song is ticking over beautifully. Harmonic genius. The expansive melodies they are creating just makes the album fill out more, its another song adding more to the album. Its up front and honest about what it is, there are no deceptive tricks here, its fury and beauty come together in harmony.

Macabre Delights” continues the immense harmonies playing together but against one another. Its just brilliant. This is somewhat harder hitting, and for that sounds even more like AMON AMARTH, its so easy to hear the similarities.  The song goes through the motions well, never fading nor giving in, just delivering in its own style once more. What more can you ask for?

Kill the Weak” begins like every other song on this album, different to every other song on this album. The tempo is hitting the higher levels we know they can crush. Vocals take a bit longer to kick in, but in doing this it allows us to enjoy the immense skills from the instrumentalists. Harmonic and brilliant. the melodies ooze out throughout this song, it shows off different sets of skills in having less vocal usage, but still controlling the song perfectly.

Accept Your Fate” approaches fast with the tempo picking up pace the longer the instrumental intro goes on. Then it pulls the speed away and gets heavier. Mixing things up once more. The aggression in in full flow throughout the song, its going out in style. This band takes no prisioners

For fans of BOLT THROWER and AMON AMARTH. This album is everything you love mixed about with new styles. What a great album. Flawless.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Open the Gates (Intro)
2. Live Again
3. Infernal Dreams
4. Servants
5. Endless Repent
6. Astral Invasion
7. Macabre Delights
8. Kill the Weak
9. Accept Your Fate
John Bravo – Guitars
Luke Nissen – Bass Guitar
Jon Corston – Guitars & Vocals
Rob Halloran – Drums
Record Label: Vargheist Records


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