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Beyond Extinction – The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind Award winner

Beyond Extinction
The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind
by Thomas Kumke at 05 January 2021, 12:17 PM

BEYOND EXTINCTION hailing from Essex, UK were formed in 2018. They play a mix of Deathcore, Metalcore, and modern British Death Metal. Although all band members are still teenagers, they already collected live experience on tour with CANCER BAT in 2019. After a couple of singles were released, “The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” is their debut EP and is an independent release. The EP has a length of almost 15 minutes.

The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” deals lyrically with the concept of Nihilism and the imperfections of the human race. In terms of the sound, BEYOND EXTINCTION add a variety of elements to the mix. In general, the speed is kept mid-tempo throughout the EP with some slight variations. The opening song “A Face Without Features” starts slowly but explodes soon after with powerful and dark guitar riffs, hammering drums, and the screams and growls of Jasper Harmer. The lead guitar sequences provide an atmospheric layering and contribute to the darkness to the song. There are a couple of blast-beat outbursts during the middle part of the song. “Apex Predator” maintains that darkness, but with a very different rhythm. The crunching guitars and bass make the song extra heavy. The song structure is distorted with a number of tempo changes during the song and a slow and powerful ending.

Bones Like Branches” continues with the onslaught and keeps the rhythm of the opener. The song is raw, straight-in-your-face, and less technical compared to the first two songs. Lead guitar sequences are basically absent here. “God Complex” is a very strong song. It is a bit different than the other songs, it has a catchier, almost head-banging rhythm. The guitar riffs are flesh-ripping, and the breaks add to the brutality of the song. The lead guitar melodies in the background contribute once more to a dark atmosphere and the intensity of the song increases until its conclusion. Vocalist Jasper Harmer shows here what immense talent and vocal range he has.

 “God Complex” was officially released as video which is a very cool shot of the band playing the song partially in black and white with the right number of cuts. Check it out by following the YouTube link below.

The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” is an excellent debut of a very promising band. BEYOND EXTINCTION play a mixture of Deathcore, Metalcore, and Death Metal with the former two dominating their sound. Although they follow the pathways of their role models (I heard in every song a bit of THY ART IS MURDER), BEYOND EXTINCTION deliver a unique sound and have their own identity. All four songs are very strong and powerful. The only downside of “The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” is that it is “only” an EP, I would have hoped for a full-length album. The EP is very well produced. If BEYOND EXTINCTION continue this way, I am sure the debut full-length album will come soon and the band may have a very promising future.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. A Face Without Features
2. Apex Predator
3. Bones Like Branches
4. God Complex
Jasper Harmer – Vocals
Jude Bennett – Guitars
Zachary Scott ­ Guitars
Niall Oreo – Drums
Niall Evie – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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