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Beyond Reason – A New Reflection (Reissue)

Beyond Reason
A New Reflection (Reissue)
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 27 March 2015, 2:37 PM

BEYOND REASON is a Power/Speed Metal band based out of New York City, USA. This review is a re-issue of all three of their demo albums, released in the early 1990’s. “The New Book” leads off the album. Vocals register high on the scale with that over-the-top feeling of Power Metal, akin to the “Painkiller” album by JUDAS PRIEST, or even some OVERKILL. The production is keen here as well, and the guitars have a full sound from multiple effects. Traditional melody in terms of hooks and a full chorus though takes a back seat to the speed of the riffs and soaring vocals.

“Wrench in the Works” is a slower, more methodical song with a darker feeling. Though the main riff is discernable, there is a harmony disconnect when the vocals lie over top. It’s not that they are sung off key, it’s the key itself that is odd. “Enlightened Years Away” is a little more connected, featuring some nifty meter changes that keep you on our toes. “Empty Cups” ushers in the first of the original second demo album. Production on this is a bit more muted in general, and the sound varies a bit from the original demo. Perhaps the main difference is keeping the instrumentation more in line with the vocals, though the style established on the first demo still retains its core.

“Beast of Change” shifts the gears a little, opening slowly and with rumblings of guitars and tempered vocals. Emotion itself is almost void, save for what you can garner from the toughness of the singing. “Ill God” by contrast opens with an easily understandable riff, though still featuring the siren voice of Todd Giornesto. “For the Dollar” has a more aggressive and menacing riff and an overall darker and more ominous sound. I am really getting some OVERKILL vibes again here with this track. Closing the album is the song “Scorned are the Guised.” Phased guitar parts offer a spacy feeling.

Traveling back to the time when this style was budding here is an interesting visit. Of course, both Power and Thrash Metal had flourished much earlier than 1990, but the combination here was fairly unique for the time. Though the musicianship is promising, the songwriting is just not done in a manner that is easily digested.

3 Star Rating

1. The New Book
2. Prophet’s Dilemma
3. Wrench in the Works
4. Enlightened Years Away
5. The Cause
6. Day Tripper
7. Empty Cups
8. Fine Line
9. Beast of Change
10. Ill God
11. For the Dollar
12. Life Within
13. Scorned are the Guised
Todd Giornesto – Vocals
Pete Milo – Guitars
Dave Kramer – Bass
John Grasso – Drums
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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Edited 08 February 2023

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