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Beyond The Black – Songs Of Love And Death Award winner

Beyond The Black
Songs Of Love And Death
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 08 March 2015, 6:00 PM

BEYOND THE BLACK is a female-fronted Symphonic Metal/Gothic Metal young band from Mannheim in Germany. The band was formed by 19-year-old Jennifer Haben along with some friends. Their debut album “Songs Of Love And Death” was released on the 13th February 2015, and was produced by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia) in collaboration with the team of the Elephant Music Band. It was played on stage of Wacken Open Air Festival and was as a support SAXON in England.

Opener “In The Shadows” shows perfection of a band where powerful guitars and rhythmic section sounds fine with nice Folkish elements – flutes and bagpipes, and also has strong and melodic vocals from Jennifer. Catchy choruses provide more with energy ,and shows epic climates with symphonic violins, fabulous choirs, and brilliant guitar solos! Titled track “Songs Of Love And Death” has gentle singing as a opener, and then heavier guitars and memorable refrain with gorgeous work of riffs, rhythmic & symphonic elements. Very catchy singing seems very similar to that of NIGHTWISH and WITHIN TEMPTATION.

I like a lot “Hallelujah”, which is opening by gentle singing in LEAH’s style, and then heavier riffs with fast drums in a true power-metal style gives off a true kick-ass vibe! It sounds like another hit. Catchy refrains with modern choirs inside and impressive power are present also with fantastic melodic guitar solos! Higher styles in singing with commercial echoes that one could possibly recognize as similar to “Fall Into The Flames” where are calmer sounds  as well as also stronger ones are present. Melody pours out of “Running To The Edge” with heavier & energetic riffs and melodic modern refrains has many powerful and symphonic echoes. I just love these sounds, and its amazing what works of instruments and fabulous guitar solos can do!

Vocalist Jennifer Haben with her superb voice mixes in easily with power, calm, and beauty. Her voice is totally great and listeners could understand about what she singing. The band played perfectly on “Love Me Forever” (MOTORHEAD cover). This rock ballad has amazing symphonic styles, calmer pianos, and wonderful singing within. Pianos & stronger riffs in “Drowning In Darkness” introduce stunning sounds with similarity to XANDRIA and EVANESCENCE in melodic refrains.

What is created is an impressive atmosphere & gorgeous singing in Symphony track “Afraid Of The Dark”, where hoarse vocals are heard by the male single (AMARANTHE). Another genial complete with fantastic Power Metal / Symphony choirs in style of THERION and energetic sounds. Amazing symphonic & heavier guitars open “When Angels Fall” in a sound similar to that of NIGHTWISH, and powerful choruses come together with modern techniques give killer sounds! Also male vocal here has little connections to AMARANTHE work well.

Impressive is beautiful ballad “Pearl In A World Of Dirt” singing together with special guest Hannes Braun from KISSIN' DYNAMITE. All track has beautiful calmer atmosphere with folkish elements – accompaniment of guitars, flute and epic climate makes it as a masterpiece! Gorgeous beauty is showing in “Unbroken” with wonderful pianos, gentle singing, violins in the background, and taken farther stronger riffs & this ballad is a step-by-step building into an amazing atmosphere.

BEYOND THE BLACK recorded a fantastic debut album! The production of album is on a high level, inside content is powerful, energetic, and melodic! Their music shows experience of musicians in Symphonic Metal with modern echoes, and Gothic elements, commercial sounds, and also amazing melodic female voice. Surely every female front-end band Metal lover will be in seventh-heaven listening. This album from German-metallers. is one that I recommend sincerely. This album would be especially for fans of NIGHTWISH, EVANESCENCE, AMARANTHE or WITHIN TEMPTATION. For me, this band is amazing, and  the tracks are killer! There is only one word to describe this album – Masterpiece! Every song is a potential hit which dig in Your mind during long time!


5 Star Rating

1. In The Shadows
2. Songs Of Love And Death
3. Unbroken
4. When Angels Fall
5. Pearl In A World Of Dirt
6. Hallelujah
7. Running To The Edge
8. Numb
9. Drowning In Darkness
10. Afraid Of The Dark
11. Fall Into The Flames
12. Love Me Forever (MOTORHEAD cover)
Jennifer Haben - Lead Vocals
Nils Lesser - Lead Guitar
Christopher Hummels - Rhythm Guitar & Backup Vocals
Tobias Derer - Drums
Erwin Schmidt - Bass
Michael Hauser – Keyboards
Record Label: Airforce1 Records


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