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Beyond The Styx – Sentence Award winner

Beyond The Styx
by Justin Joseph at 25 March 2022, 2:40 PM

The realm of Extreme music has always expelled an enthralling quality to its candour, for it is an art form where the most virulent strain of negative emotions can be used as the ember for which this inferno will be born. But I have always found that not every piece that is forged will bore the same earnest results, for an artist can create a picture that replicates aggression while another one may fashion a painting, where the colors and the brush become an extension of the pulsating urges that fester beneath the skin, where the observer, stares not only at a mere picture, but instead is immersed in its essence, where its incendiary spirit can be felt through every stroke and every color.

Sentence” by BEYOND THE STYX is an album which in my humble opinion represents that primal side of man, the very pinnacle from where hatred and scorn is birthed from a mind that has endured…it is an album that channels not a fantasy-like aura where a bellicosity thematic approach may be present within its output, rather BEYOND THE STYX takes a more grounded aesthetic where the atmosphere becomes rooted in pure human-like emotions, raw and unhindered, to me this is one of the defining qualities of the album, for it is the very building blocks of this amazing architecture.

If one wishes for another to feel the venom which courses through the veins, to share the chaos that is bred from the cacophony of voices within a splintered conscious, words can only stich together a portion of what is experienced…where BEYOND THE STYX is concerned, it is the fusion of both the production and instrumental compositions which adds an ineffable potency to the album’s motions.

Collateral” and “Machination”, for example, are tracks which showcase the symbiosis of both the production and musical composition, in other words, how well both aspects accentuate each other, for upon this track as well as the album, there exists a plethora of groove-laden variations, but what bestows to it a rather visceral nature is the way the production fleshes out these patterns, granting the luxury for these riffs and chugs to have a more resonating impact. The tone of both the strings and percussions carry with them a robust, thick quality to the sound, at times conjuring the image of skull fragments and teeth being stomped into the concrete producing internal decapitation. As absurd as it may sound, it’s quite the contrary, as its one of the most enjoyable factors on “Sentence”, for the energy which is dispelled is enough to shed one’s decadent skin and embrace that which fuels violence and hate. However, it is the vocals which acts as the sinew that binds these frenetic elements together, fleshing out the album as a whole. What is appreciated is the harsh register exudes an organic feeling, as the words that are spewed forth feels as though it originates from a tongue tinged with contemptuous hate.

BEYOND THE STYX has managed to craft a gem from the seed of malice that forms within the human shell, for it is this very reason why I would recommend this album to any extreme music fans as it utilizes grooves and breakdowns not as a means to portray a grandiose feeling rather it offers the listener the opportunity to experience these waves of emotions through every note and every vocal pattern.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. DC
2. Collateral
3. New World Disorder \[feat. Luis Ifer]
5. Self Hatred
6. Chain of Life
7. Overload
8. Scorch AD \[feat. Guillaume D.]
9. Machination
10. Cyclops \[feat. Vincent P.M.]
Emile Duputié - Vocals
Adrien Joulin - Drums
David Govindin - Rhythm Guitar
Yoann César - Bass
Arnaud Morfoisse - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 10 December 2022

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