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Beyond Visions – Catch 22

Beyond Visions
Catch 22
by Tiffini Taylor at 22 March 2018, 4:41 PM

Sweden is a hotbed of Metal and the Goth Metal scene is no different. A variety of artists consume this scene and one of the best female fronted bands out of Sweden is BEYOND VISIONS. The new album is titled “Catch 22”, it is not the reading of the book ‘Catch 22’. The first track “Time To Rise” is more of a cry for freedom song than anything else with a beautiful voice and good positive lyrics that will uplift any bad mood. “Sacrafice” is a heart pounding good song. This song is good melody and nice guitar. “Pay My Price” has an interesting synth and drum start into an almost robotic eerie voice leading into a good guitar. It’s a good song and shows this bands talent.

“Survival” is a faster beat song that will make one’s hair stand on ends. This is an eerie sounding song that delivers in guitars and drums. “Illusions” the pace is quick and fierce once again with nice guitar and drums. This is a song that is no illusion, it is just good. “Everlasting” is a song with attitude. The beginning is slower paced with a voice that is wonderful. It is a hauntingly beautiful love song. It is one of those songs that steals one’s heart and soul. It will stick with you. This is what love is.

“Pretender” is a hard song that one will have in their mind long after hearing it. Sometimes in hearing Goth music, it begins to sound the same and nothing sticks out. This song is different than any other heard before. Well done. This is good. It has good beats that showcases the creativity of Goth. The synth is used in an imaginative way that works well. The guitar is good. The last song on this album is “Good Hate” a fast paced heart pounding song that will make one’s skin crawl. This is hauntingly good. This album shows the talent of the musicianship of this band from Sweden. Get one’s Goth on.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Time To Rise
2. Sacrafice
3. Pay My Price
4. Changes
5. Survival
6. Illusions
7. My Life
8. Everlasting
9. Pretender
10.Good Hate
Rebecka Heijel - Vocals
Alexander Berg - Guitar
Record Label: Bleeding Music Records


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