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Beyond The Void - Gloom Is A Trip For Two (CD)

Beyond The Void
Gloom Is A Trip For Two
by Harry Papadopoulos at 15 April 2008, 1:23 PM

Your drummer was a student of Alex Holzwarth (RHAPSODY OF FIRE), you have a dedicated fan base in Latin America, won a four-day personal coaching by SCHANDMAUL and you are in the same label with WORSHIP and L'AME IMORTELLE. Are these things enough for a  band to do something great?

BEYOND THE VOID was founded in 2000 in order to play Dark Rock and Gothic Metal of the highest quality. Their first release was an EP in 2002 and the first full-length album called Our Somewhere Else was out in 2004. In 2006 it was time for their second work, I Am Your Ruin, produced by Chris Pohl (BLUTENGEL). After a change in the lineup by having a new drummer, they finally reached their third release, Gloom Is A Trip For Two, a month ago. As you can see, even though they exist for more than seven years, their history is quite short. So, let us see what they have to say with this album.

I believe that everyone is saying, including me, that almost everything has been played and it is difficult for a band to release something new. So, having this in mind and leaving aside a few bright exceptions (meaning bands that always find something new and innovative), the only thing that you are expecting is to listen to compositions that may remind you of something, but has a personality too. Well, BEYOND THE VOID is not one of those bands with personality. They may have good coaches, a very good production where you can listen to everything crystal clear, a duet with the Mexican Isadora Cortina in a song that says thank you to their Latin American fans and being in the same label with some known, to someones, bands. But on the other hand, those things don't write music. And this band reminds me (a lot!) of AFTER FOREVER (only as far as music concerns, not the vocals) and HIM, with some fragments of 69 EYES. No personality at all. It is like putting those bands I mentioned before in a blender and then serve it to the public.

Many girls, and some boys, that love HIM and AFTER FOREVER will like this album. As for the others, if you want to listen something from the Gothic/Dark Rock scene, just listen to something else like LOVE LIKE BLOOD, 69 EYES or PHANTOM VISION for example.

2 Star Rating

Her Dive Into Midnight
Cyanid Eyes
Gloom Is A Trip For Two
Let Me Reap
Rid Of The Earth
My Life Is A Lie
A Minute Before Dawn
Daniel Pharos - Vocals
Dominik Morgenroth - Lead Guitar
Martin Tapparo - Rhythm Guitar
Rudolf Pfaffenzeller - Synthies, Grand Piano
Ulrich Muhlbauer - Bass
Claus Legarth - Drums
Record Label: Endzeit Elegies


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