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Bezwering - Aan De Wormen Overgeleverd

Aan De Wormen Overgeleverd
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 May 2020, 4:44 AM

To create something into a formula that was already used is not a sin. Many band do such a thing, as the entire NWOBHM bands did back then, because they took the references from Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (and even from Progressive Rock) from the 70’s to build something that was different. In Black Metal, many new bands try to use the crude and aggressive approach of the SWOBM still today, bringing good works to the fans. And the Dutch quintet BEZWERING does a fine work on “Aan De Wormen Overgeleverd”, their first album.

Raised from the ashes of WEDERGANGER, this band plays a traditional form of Black Metal is in a similar way of what MAYHEM did on “Wolf’s Lair Abyss” age (the clean vocals similar to Gregorian chants heard on “Nagezeten” is proof of that), SETHERIAL and DARKTHRONE, a clear abrasive influence from Punk Rock/Hardcore (inherited of Old School Black Metal), but with a personal touch in many parts. They’re a young band, and will mature to sharp their music more and more, but it’s very good by now.

The production of “Aan De Wormen Overgeleverd” was conceived to bind the elements and feeling from the old days, a crude and harsh ambiance, but in a way that anyone could understand what is being played by the band. The goal was achieved, because the album sounds great, but bearing the nasty instrumental tunes and crude ambiance that the Black metal fans love.

Nine tracks are presented on the album, all sounding great, but the Hardcore nasty feeling pulsing on the rhythm of “Nagezeten” (where in some parts the Gregorian chants appear to enrich the song), the bitter and dense ambiance of “Rouwstoet” (the slow rhythm makes the levels of energy go to the limits, and a very good work from bass guitar and drums can be heard), the brutal and aggressive insight used on “Uitgeteerd”, the fine subjective melodic touch heard on the guitars of “Terror Terroris” and “Geen Bloemen Op Mijn Graf”, and the chaos made music called “Het Tweede Gezicht” are the best tracks of this album.

A very good new name and time will sharpen their talent. For now, listening to “Aan De Wormen Overgeleverd” is a very good experience, and BEZWERING can become a new Black Metal giant in the near future.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Vredeloos
2. Nagezeten
3. Rouwstoet
4. Uitgeteerd
5. Aan Gene Zijde
6. Terror Terroris
7. Geen Bloemen Op Mijn Graf
8. Het Tweede Gezicht
9. Waanzinskolk
Alfschijn - Vocals
MJWW - Guitars
Plaag - Guitars
Onzalige - Bass
Onmens - Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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