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Bible Black - The Complete Recordings 1981-1983 Award winner

Bible Black
The Complete Recordings 1981-1983
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 07 July 2022, 5:45 AM

The end of the 70’s saw the rise of the early bands of what is called U. S. Metal. Many bands started their careers (On those days, as an answer to what was happening on England, namely NWOBHM), but many of them just passed by without releasing a record. One of the most promising names that fit in such category is BIBLE BLACK, of New York (USA), famous for some older Metalhead due the mentions on fanzines of those days. And here is the compilation “The Complete Recordings 1981-1983”, an epitaph for its deceased members.

To have an idea of what the band could do, just to check its members: they played (or would play in the near future) on acts as ELF (a seminal name for US Metal bands), RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH, THE RODS, M.A.R.S., MANOWAR, ANTHRAX, and others. One can expect great things of their music, and if the fans can transpose their minds to the years between 1979 and 1983, will have the idea that this Heavy Metal form influenced by 70’s Hard Rock is the embryonic form of what U.S. Metal bands would be some years ahead. And even being a recollection of demo tapes, it sounds great even today, so hear to it as much as you’re pleased. It’s obvious that the tracks had to be restored, and Patrick Engel did it along a remastering. And it really sounds great and heavy to the modern days, but without that appeal that Old School Metal fans love. It’s a very good work, indeed.

One will hear that the songs sometimes will have a Hard Rock insight, on others show a heavier and abrasive appeal. It’s what’s expected from a band of those days, but if one check to “Gone” (a massive and catchy Hard Rock filled with energy, but abrasive weight parts), “Back to Back” (another excellent moment that mixes heavy metal weight with Hard Rock hooks), “Down on the World” (this is a typical U.S. Metal song on its most embryonic form, but the melodic heavy approach on the guitars is natural for the USA Metal School), “Ain’t No Crime” (if one can check it deeply will understand why USA Metal bands have an accurate melodic appeal that is particular to their scene, and what solid playing of bass guitar and drums), “Fighting the Wind” (a heavier and slower song that would remind the fans of what MANOWAR would stand for in the future), their version for THE ROLLING STONES’ “Paint It Black”, “Fires of Old” and “Midnight Dancer” and their melodic and heavy grasp, for sure will understand what is on the root of the U.S. Metal scene.

It’s a pity that the band never released an album, and that Jeff, Andy and Craig didn’t live to see “The Complete Recordings 1981-1983” release. But this release pays respect to their memory and to what BIBLE BLACK could do.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Gone
2. Metal Man
3. Back to Back
4. Down on the World
5. Ain’t No Crime
6. Fighting the Wind
7. Back Door
8. Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)
9. Fires of Old
10. You Got Me Where You Want Me
11. Deceiver
12. Midnight Dancer
13. Gone (Jeff Fenholt vocals)
14. Metal Man (Jeff Fenholt vocals)
Joey Bellardini - Vocals
Eric Adams - Vocals
Jeff Fenholt - Vocals
Andy MacDonald - Guitars
Craig Gruber - Bass
Gary Driscoll - Drums
Record Label: Louder Than Loud Records


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