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Bible Black Tyrant – Encased In Iron Award winner

Bible Black Tyrant
Encased In Iron
by Dave Nowels at 22 April 2020, 1:30 PM

BIBLE BLACK TYRANT conjure a dark path of dense resistance on their 2020 Argonauta release, “Encased In Iron”. Over five tracks covering a seemingly meager 26 minutes, this unpredictable sonic horror is likely to render the listener damn near exhausted emotionally and with possibly lingering nightmares for weeks to come.

The band is comprised of Aaron 'DC' Edge (LUMBAR, DAKESSIAN) and Tyler Smith (EAGLE TWIN), and together the duo have created an aggressive, salivating beast of sound and unfathomable wickedness. The album's title, “Encased In Iron” lends some reassurance of safety, though it's easily lost as one's horror and immersion in pure horror overcomes you. This is a journey into the depths of torture, fear and loss of control. Edge's vocals are guttural, fierce and frightening to be sure, but it's the combination of those vocal roars, the vivid imagery of the lyrics, and the crushingly oppressive atmosphere that make BIBLE BLACK TYRANT incomparable.

A project centered around a tale of Ichabod Crane's mother, her murder and the suffering of man. This dark journey begins with a building dread, like horns of war calling minions forth for ominous purpose. This first track, “A Snowflake of Death's Denial” is brooding, chaotic and surprisingly melodic despite the intended dread. That's a uniqueness that  Edge and Smith manage to convey in each track, somewhat surprisingly. There's dare I say, almost an underlying fusion jazz feel to the proceedings, accented in this first track by the crashing and collapsing piano keys just prior to the closing seconds. It anchors, brings a moment of clarity and reality. It's as if this small addition reinforces the seriousness and hopelessness of what we've ventured into.

This dark venture continues with “Valorous”, accented by Smith's war drum-like pounding percussion thunder and Edge's riff heavy battering. Again, there's a piano touch that cleanses the sonic palette, before all fucking hell breaks loose within “Panic Inducer”. Perfectly titled, fear resides here most prominently. Evilness is reaching from all sides, surrounding and gripping, cold, dread threatening to rend the skin from your bones. 'This life, vile', Edge screams, and you believe it. In the closing moments, there seems to be a brief reprieve, as if the danger has retreated momentarily into the recesses of reflection and liberation to consider it's options.

Confident once more, “Infinite Stages of Grief” lashes out, brutally battering the listener with erratic rhythms, all while the sludgy foundations of the song swirl menacingly, distorting and confusing. Still, Edge's manic howls somehow serve as the connectivity, a source of introspection that spans the chaos of the musical atmosphere. This project emotionally concludes with “Sickening Thrum”, a sobering reflection on actions and subsequent consequences. The bass intro that launches the song sets an immeasurable tone, as Edge and Smith snake about a droning haunting. “Encased In Iron” isn't necessarily a easily accessible vision. But for those willing to immerse themselves in a gut-wrenching, atmospherically tumultuous, journey into the darkness of man, BIBLE BLACK TYRANT have blazed a trail. Highly recommended.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


4 Star Rating


1. A Snowflake of Death's Denial
2. Valorus
3. Panic Inducer
4. Infinite Stages of Grief
5. Sickening Thrum

Aaron 'D.C.' Edge – Guitar, Bass, Cello, Midi, Vocals
Tyler Smith – Drum Kit
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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