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Bible of the Devil - For the Love of Thugs and Fools

Bible of the Devil
For the Love of Thugs and Fools
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 April 2012, 11:06 PM

From where the hell did these guys, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, come from? And after I read about them a bit I discovered that they are the opposite of new to the world’s Rock and Metal scene as they are breathing sticks and stones since 1999. When I played their new release, “For the Love of Thugs and Fools”, via Cruz Del Sur Music, I suddenly got caught in a web of sound that I haven’t heard in a long time. Right when the first strokes of distortion clamped the air around me, I felt that I was back listening to the vintage sound, and even the attitude with the heavy duty vocals, of the 70s of THIN LIZZY. It is a kind of magic because their sound back then was endless to me. No, Phil Lynnot didn’t come back to life regrettably as BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, from Chicago, have a mouthful of the American air with the influences of the American Rock and Metal running though their veins. Even despite that fact, it didn’t bother me as the haziness of THIN LIZZY came back crawling because without the Brits in Rock and Metal the American scene would have never developed into something good. Other than the music, this album is the band’s welcome to their career’s scrap book, I am sure that you will find yourself over there or at least someone like you.

In order to ease the minds of those who unexpectedly began thinking that this release is going to be light, well you are wrong. BIBLE OF THE DEVIL have their way with British style Rock, even slight early NWOBHM glitches, but with a full gained heaviness. Moreover, their sound production, which modern day producers would say its rubbish, was regulated in order to sound utterly raw, dirty and crooked to fit the standards of vintage times. However, I would have agreed that the base drum was a bit of a miss throughout the songs and sometimes even the snare faded a bit, but in overall I suppose that the band got what they wanted in the first place and I congratulate them for that. Back to their material, with the inspiration of both 70s Rock and early 80s Metal, like the Metal version of THIN LIZZY, I say that BIBLE OF THE DEVIL are on the right track to become one of the greatest. Though their material wasn’t all that smooth and accessible yet the most of it caught me right from the start. As rhythm guitar fan, this album has some great songs that treasure a good solid rhythm guitar riffing that slides easy with a bombing fist and tough attitude. As for the melodies, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL made the old melodies and harmonies, needless to say solos, come alive and kicking with their crunchiness, detached manner but with a sense of creativity. I know that some of those weren’t that innovative, as it is hard to be genuine when trying to head on past in the music, but those were clear and smacking straight to the heart. Also if you noticed there was a Saxophone lead section in one of the songs, so I believe that it would be enough original for you.

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL is a band that I didn’t expect to listen to, especially when their music elevated such sweet memories of once a great band, which by the way still exist today but it would never be the same as forty years ago. They I see it, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL didn’t seem to try to duplicate the efforts of THIN LIZZY, their material is heavier, it bears the American spirit, it has blinks towards that Metallic nature, even a few DIO exemplifications, of the music. Their beautiful harmonies have several of similarities, yet all in all its a different effort with some additions of stone flavour. I recommend patching your ears to “Anytime”, “The Parcher”, “Sexual Overture / While You Were Away”, “Out for Blood”, “Can’t Turn Off the Sun” and “Yer Boy”. Take a good listen and head on to fetch it.  

4 Star Rating

1. Sexual Overture / While You Were Away
2. Out for Blood
3. Raw & Order
4. The Parcher
5. I Know What Is Right (In the Night)
6. Anytime
7. Can’t Turn Off the Sun
8. Yer Boy
9. Night Street 
Mark Hoffmann- Vocals/Guitars
Nathan Perry– Guitars/ Vocals
Greg Spalding- Drums/ Loathing
Darren Amaya- Bass
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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