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Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal (CD)

Bible Of The Devil
Freedom Metal
by Harry Papadopoulos at 10 December 2008, 12:44 PM

Even though I had listened the band's name before, this is the first time that a release from BIBLE OF THE DEVIL fell into my hands. And I was ready to listen to some Stoner Rock. But I was wrong. Almost nothing in this album sounds like a Stoner band.

I was hoping that they would write some info for the band's history in their bio since their previous album, but I think that I'm the only one that had that thought. Well, in the bottom line, the band had different thoughts. So don't know much about those four guys from Illinois, U.S.A. except that this is their fifth album, second under the umbrella of Cruz Del Sur Music.

I referred to their MySpace page to listen to some old stuff, try to have a more spherical idea about BIBLE OF THE DEVIL's music and see if they managed to make a step forward. Well, in my humble opinion, they didn't. As I said earlier, to my ears they are not a Stoner band. In Freedom Metal you will listen to the band playing a mixture of old-school Metal, bringing in mind SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and  NWOBHM bands in general, MOTORHEAD and THIN LIZZY. Things that we've heard before and will listen to them in the years to come. But the main problem in Freedom Metal is that this album has lack of power and energy. The compositions in general are mediocre and the vocals are, regrettably, bellow average, even if they bring in mind voices like Dave Wyndorf from MONSTER MAGNET and at some points Lee Dorian from CATHEDRAL. As for the production, well I believe it's poor and probably is one of the reasons that the album is some kind of flat.

Fifth release and still didn't make it to the next level. I believe I'll pass and so would you. In our days with so many releases, there is definitely something better that you can buy.

2 Star Rating

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Mark Hoffmann - Vocals, Guitar
Nate Perry - Guitar, Vocals
Darren Amaya - Bass
Greg Spalding - Drums
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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